Christopher LYMBURNER b.26 Sept 1795 Charlotte County, NB
d.15 Nov 1854 Canborough Twp. Ontario
burial: Melick Cem, Canborough
Rebecca MELICK
dau of Peter & Elizabeth (ROSS) MELICK
Matthew LYMBURNER II b.1765
Rachel YOUNG (b.1771)
children: LYMBURNER

  1. Rachel (b.1816)
  2. Margaret (b.1818)
  3. Aaron (b.1820)
  4. Matthew (b.1822)
  5. Mellick B. (b.1824)
  6. James H. (b.1826)
  7. Mahlon M. (b.1828)
  8. William Elliott (b.~1833)
  9. Charlotte (b.1835)
  10. Sarah (b.1835)
  11. Robert Christopher (b.1839)
siblings: LYMBURNER
  1. Matthew (b.1791)
  2. Jacob (b.1793 or 1796?)
  3. Michael (b.1802)
  4. Hiram (b.1804)
  5. Sarah (b.1806)
  6. William (b.1808)
  7. Robert M. (b.1810)
  8. Caroline (b.1812)
  9. John Young (b.1816)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
1Briggs Cemetery, Canborough Twp., Haldmand Co. Ontario

Melick information from the 2003 files of Debbie St. Louis.

32004 Files of Scott Swan: Peter Melick (b.21 Dec 1762) Elizabeth Ross (b.29 Feb 1768). Peter was the son of Andreas MOELICH, born 17 Dec 1729 in Bendorf, Germany.

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