Gilbert/Phoebe Line
Avis B. MOTT
d.1831 Manhattan, NY, NY
m.13 Nov 1816 in Flushing Queens, NY1,2
Samuel MOTT
Elizabeth BARNARD
children: EVERNGHIM

    unproven, probable children:
  1. Marie M. (b.~1817)
  2. Henry (b.abt 1820 NY)
  3. Elizabeth M. (b.~1823)
  4. William (b.~1823 d.1827 kicked by horse)*
  5. Samuel Mott (b.~1824)
  6. James (b.1831 d.1831)

  1. Matthew Barnard (b.1795 d.1817)
  2. Andrew Underhill (b.17 Feb 1799)
  3. Charles (b.1801)
  4. Martha (b.1803)
  5. Samuel (b.1804)
  6. Elizabeth (b.1807)
  7. Matilda (b.1809)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
1some info above from research of Kevin Everingham of MI 2006-2013
2Book: Adam and Ann Mott; their ancestors and their descendants, by Thomas Clapp Cornell, printed by A.V. Haight 1890, (418pgs) This book has a large section about James Mott and letters he wrote including letters mentioning James Everingham. It usually mentions James in reference to "cloth" and him being a "cloth dealer", or mentions his advice towards land purchases. One letter from 1817 says "If James Everingham would please to send me by the first opportunity a few patterns of saleable colors and among others one of a mixed cloth".... Page 107 notes; James Everingham has married James Mott's granddaughter, Avis Mott, daughter of his son, Samuel Mott. He (James) was a dealer in cloths.... (Page 214) lists the children of Samuel & Elizabeth (Barnard) Mott, and shows Avis born 1797, died 1831, married James everingham, died 1835, and had five children.
3Parents of Avis married 31 JUL 1794 in Friends Meeting, Newport, RI.

1827* The New York Spectator, Friday, April 27, 1827... "Distressing Events. On Wednesday last, William, an interesting little son of James Evernghim, Canandaigua, between three and four years old, was kicked by a horse (which he was striking with a stick) and died the next morning."
1831 James Evernghim (0), b. Brooklen NY abt 1831, died 21 February 1831 at Manhattan, NY, NY
1831 Avis Everngham (33), b.Westchester Co. abt 1798, died 18 March 1831 at Manhattan, NY, NY
1835 James Everinghim (43), born in NY, died 24 June 1835 at Manhattan, NY, NY.

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