Margaret Susannah EVERINGHAM b.12 July 1890 in Wardsille, Middlesex Co.2
d. 30 Nov 1940 Mt. Forest, Wellington co. Ontario.
George Gibson COLLINSON
m.1 Dec 1909 in Rodney, Elgin Co., Ont.
son of: Gibson COLLINSON
James Henry EVERINGHAM (b.1850)
Margaret Catherine SMITH
children: COLLINSON

  1. George J.H. (b.1910 d.1965)
  2. Irene (b.4 Aug 1911 d.1967)
  3. Beatrice Mae (b.1912 d.1937 "polio")
  4. John (b.27 Apr 1914 d.1972)
  5. Lillian Jeanetta
    (b.9 May 1916 d.July 1942)
  6. Violet (b.27 feb 1920)
  1. Olive Ethel (b.6 July 1874)
  2. Harriet Evellyn (b.1876 d.1898)
  3. Jessie Frances (b.1878)
  4. Duncan Forbes (b.1881)
  5. Victoria Amelia Louise (b.1884)
  6. Henry Andrew (b.1887)
  7. John Edward Richard (b.1893)
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notes on Margaret's Children:

  • Irene married Nelson McEACHNIE on 15 Nov 1941.
  • Lillian married Norman WATSON July 1942. Lillian resided in Durham Ontario
  • Violet married Wilfred KEIGHLY September 1940. Violet resides in Cobourg Ontario
Records of Roger Harris:
St.Thomas Daily Times -- 3 December 1909, married at Rodney on 'Wednesday' at the home of 'Mrs. Everingham' on Jane Street in Rodney by Rev. Wm. Patterson of West Lorne.

2Margaret S. Everingham was born in Wardsville, Middlesex Co., 12 July 1890 certificate #19593/90

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