Anna Maria MUSGRAVE b.1 Jan 1848 in Crawford Co. Illinois
d.8 Aug 1938 Hutsonville, Illinois
death certificate info
George Baxter EVERINGHAM
2 Feb 1868 Crawford Co. Illinois
William H. MUSGRAVE (b.1809)
Eliza Ann COX (b.~1813)
  1. Nora (b.14 Jan 1869)
  2. Ellen (b.13 JUN 1871)
  3. Ida (b.15 APR 1873)
  4. Arthur Cox (b.6 Oct 1879)
  5. Esther (b.24 FEB 1882)
  6. Edna Grace (b.27 MAY 1886)
  1. John Thomas MUSGRAVE
    (b.22 Jun 1835)
    Hutsonville twp Crawford Co. Ill.
George and Anna Everingham
George B. Everingham
Anna Maria Musgrave
photo from "Story of George's Life"
sent by Connie Baker 1999
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Info from source listed under the photo, and:

Rita Joan Millis, PRINCETON IL
IGI Submission: AF83-036046, and
Microfilm: 1394165

1950 Letter from Laurel Edith (Everingham) Moyer about childhood & family in Illinois.
info in the letter about George Baxter Everingham and the Musgrave family.

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