George Baxter EVERINGHAM
"Union Army Captain Everingham"
b.2 MAR.1843 Trimble Illinois
d.1 JAN 1938 Hutsonville Ill
as stated in the death certificate
Anna Maria MUSGRAVE, 2 Feb 1868
in Crawford Co. Illinois
(b.1848 d.9 Aug 1938)
John EVERINGHAM (b.1814)
Sarah Elizabeth NEWLIN
  1. Nora
    (b.14 Jan 1869 d.30 AUG 1934)
  2. Ellen
    (b.13 JUN 1871 d.27 JUL 1952)
  3. Ida
    (b.15 APR 1873 d.1955)
  4. Arthur Cox
    (b.6 Oct 1879 d.1955)
  5. Esther
    (b.24 FEB 1882 d.5 SEP. 1955)
  6. Edna Grace
    (b.27 MAY 1886 d.1974)
  1. Joseph Sylvester (b.1839)
  2. Edward Clark (b.1841)
  3. John Elder (b.1845)
  4. Mary Jane "Jenny" (b.1846)
  5. Sarah Elizabeth (b.1846)
  6. Martha Ellen (b.1849)
  7. Julia Catherine (b.1851)
  8. Tryphena Ann (b.1853)
  9. Charles Allen (b.1855)
  10. Nelson Willis (b.1858)
  11. Lee (b.1860)
  12. Dee (b. 1862)
  13. Nancy (b.1865)
Retired Captain George Everingham
George B. Everingham
Anna Maria Musgrave
photo from "Story of George's Life"
sent by Connie Baker 1999
fact sources and writings about this individual:

George's history:

Following a very limited schooling and working on his father & grandfather's farm, George B. enlisted in the Union Army on 15 Dec 1861 (age 19). He was assigned to company F, 62nd Regiment, IL Vol Inf. The 62nd was organized at Anna, Illinois then moved to Cairo, IL. The regiment served in TN and MS, where George was stricken with a nearly fatal case of "Typhoid Fever". When he recovered, he re-joined his company at Little Rock, AR and then to Indian Territory.
George learned to read and write in the Army, became 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lt., Provost Marshall, and was discharged as a Captain on 6 Mar 1866.
George and his wife started on 30 acres south of hutsonville. In 1871 they traded this land for a farm NW of Hutsonville, where they lived for 66 years.

Adjutant General's Report:
History of
the 62nd
Illinois Infantry

George enlisted as a Corporal on 15 Dec 1861. Mustered in 10 April, 1862. Promoted to 2nd Lt 11 Jul 1863, but his commission was cancelled. Promoted to Sergeant after re-enlisting as a Veteran 28 Dec 1863. Promoted to 1st Lt. 1864.
Promoted to Captain in 1865. Transferred out as part of a unit consolidation.
Residence: Hutsonville, Crawford Co. Illinois.

History above sent "indirectly" from Estelle Black to Grant Hayes.
Other info on this page from Ann J. Everingham and Adj Gen Report from Jim Admire

Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2017
1863 Chicago Daily Tribune Newspaper, April 22, 1863.. "The voice of the army... 62nd Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, Company F... Sergeant Geo. B. Everingham was called to the Chair in a meeting of the enlisted men of Co.F... called for the purpose of enabling them to give expression to their views relative to the distracted state of the country."

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