Sylvanus G. NEWCOMER b.Nov 1849
d. 1936 Gratiot Co. MI
Clara E. CHAMBERS (m.1876)
at: big lick twsp, Hancock County, OH
Margaret BENDER
children: NEWCOMER
  1. Erasmus (b.July 1877)
  2. Adam (b.1878 d.1884)
  3. Reba (b.~1903)
siblings: NEWCOMER
  1. Levi (b.~1843)
  2. Dianna (b.~1845)
  3. Lewis (b.~1846)
Photo Right... (Sylvanus Newcomer, Er Newcomer, Clara Newcomer) photo used with permission from Kathy Derby Rhynard, 2013

research of Kevin Everingham;

1850 CENSUS Washington, Stark Co. OH -- Adam Newcomer 29,.. Margaret 28,.. Levi 7,.. Dianna 5,.. Lewis 4,.. Silvanus 2, b.OH.

1860 CENSUS Bick Lick Twp., Hancock Co., OH -- Sylvanus Newcomer was 12 years old.

1876 Hancock OH Marriage Record (Vol 6, pg 278)... William F. Furgison applied for marriage license for; Sylvanus Newcomer & Clara E. Chambers, license granted 17 Feb 1876... married 22 Feb 1876 in Hancock County, Ohio, by G.W. Graham, justice of the Peace.

1878 Hancock, OH Birth Record (Vol.2, Pg 65).. Adam Newcomer, male, b.14 Dec 1878 at Biglick, Hancock County, Ohio, son of; Sylvanus Newcomer & Clara Chambers.

1884 Gratiot, MI Death Record (#146)... Adam Newcomer, male, age 5 years, 2 months, 26 days, b.OH, s/o Sylvanus Newcomer & Clara E. Newcomer, d.March 1884 at Arcada, Gratiot, Michigan.

1894 STATE CENSUS Arcada, Gratiot, MI (Page 58, fam #273) Sylvanus Newcomer 45,.. Clara E. Newcomer 43, wife,.. Er Newcomer 15, son.

1900 CENSUS Arcada Twp, Gratiot, MI -- S.G. Newcomer, b.Nov 1849 OH,.. Clara Newcomer, b.April 1851 OH, wife, mother of 2, 1 living,.. Er. Newcomer b.July 1877 OH,.. Elda Newcomer,.. Ruth Newcomer,..

1910 CENSUS Arcada, Gratiot, MI -- Sylvanus Newcomer 61, b.OH, married,.. Clara Newcomer, 58, b.OH

1920 CENSUS Gratiot County, MI -- Sylvanius Newcomer 71 b.OH, married,.. Clara 68, b.OH, wife,.. Reba 17, b. MI, daughter,.. Joseph Thomas 23, b.IN, grandson, widowed.

1930 CENSUS Arcada, Gratiot, MI -- Er Newcomer 52, b.OH, parents b.OH,.. Elda 51, wife, b.MI, father b.OH, mother b.MI,.. Ann Fern 15,.. Jean 15, daughter, b.MI,.. Sylvanus 81, father, b.OH, parents b.OH,.. Clara 78, mother, b.OH parents b.OH.

Bailey Cemetery, Alma, Gratiot, MI,.. Clara Newcomer (1852-1935),.. Sylvanus Newcomer (1848-1935),.. also buried here: Er Newcomer (1877-1954)... Elda Newcomer (1878-1938),... Adam Newcomer (d.11 Mar 1884, son of S & C Newcomer),.. Fannie Newcomer (1836-1908).

curious sidenote: in 1868, about 7 years prior to Sylvanus & Clara's marriage, a (Sylvanus Newcomer) married Emily Fleck 9 Aug, 1868 in Seneca, Ohio.... no idea if this was the same Sylvanus or even a relative... this couple had twins "Jane Anabell Newcomer" & "Jesse Arabell Newcomer" born 6 Feb 1869 Big Spring, Seneca, OH. I cannot find either Sylvanus in a 1870 Census.

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