Adam NEWCOMER b.~1821
Margaret BENDER
m.15 Sept 1842 Stark, OH
Catherine WOLF
children: NEWCOMER
  1. Levi (b.~1843)
  2. Dianna (b.~1845)
  3. Lewis (b.~1846)
  4. Sylvanus (b.~1849)
  5. Lydia (b.~1851)
  6. Samuel (b.~1853)
  7. Maryetta (b.~1861)
  8. John (b.~1865)
  9. Adam (b.1867 - d.1873)
siblings: NEWCOMER Menonite Family
  1. Benjamin (b.1824)
  2. Leah (b.1828)
  3. Jesse (b.1830)
  4. Abraham (b.1832)
  5. Catherine (b.1837)
  6. Anna (b.1839)
  7. Jacob (b.1840)
  8. David (b.1842)
  9. William (b.1844)
  10. Mary (b.1846)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
research of Kevin Everingham;

1842 OH Marriage Record... Adam Newcomer & Margrate Bender married 15 Sept 1842 at Stark County, Ohio.

1850 CENSUS Allen, Hancock, OH (#32).. Abraham Newcomer 62, farmer, b.PA,.. Catherine 50, b.VA,.. Abraham 18,.. Catherine 13,.. Anna 11,.. Jacob 10,.. David 8,.. William 6,.. Mary 4.
1850 CENSUS Washington, Stark Co. OH -- Adam Newcommer 29, b.OH,.. Margaret 28, b.OH,.. Levi 7,.. Dianna 5,.. Lewis 4,.. Silvanus 2, b.OH.

1860 CENSUS Big Lick Twp., Hancock Co., OH -- Adam Newcomer b.OH was 38 years old, ... Sylvanus Newcomer was 12 years old.

1870 CENSUS Big Lick Twp, Hancock Co., OH -- Adam Newcomer 48, farmer, b.OH,.. Margaret 47, b.OH,.. Lydia 19, b.OH,.. Samuel 17, labor on farm, b.OH,.. Maryetta 9, b.OH,.. John 5 b.OH,.. Adam 3 b.OH.

1873 OH Death Registration... Adam Newcomer, age 5, died 2 Jan 1873 at Biglick, Hancock, Ohio.

1880 CENSUS Big Lick Twp, Hancock Co., OH ... Adam Newcomer 58, farmer, b.OH, father b.PA, mother b.OH,.. Margaret 57,.. Samuel 27,.. Etie 20,.. John 15, Benjamin Sousley 27, nephew.

1897 Commemorative Historical and Biographical record of Wood county, Ohio, Vol.2, 1897... "Adam Newcomer was born in Pennsylvania and in 1851 moved to Biglick township, Hancock county, making the journey in a farm wagon. To him and his wife were born the following children; Levi, living in Hancock county; Diana, now Mrs. Samuel Thomas of Hancock county; Lewis, Sylvanus, a resident of Michigan; Lydia, the wife of Henry Bowers of Findlay; Samuel, residing in Hancock county; Margetta, wife of William Shubert of Hancock county; and John of Kansas City."

Mennonites are a Protestant group based around the church communities of the Christian Anabaptist denominations named after Menno Simons (14961561) of Friesland. The teachings of the Mennonites were founded on their belief in both the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ, which they held to with great conviction despite persecution by the various Roman Catholic and Protestant states. Over the years, Mennonites have become known as one of the historic peace churches because of their commitment to pacifism.

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