Charles Freeman EVERINGHAM
b.17 Jun 1898 OH
d.6 Mar 1960 Champaign Co. OH
Opal HURST (b.11 Nov 1912)
d.1 Sep 1978 Urbana, Champaign Co. OH
Hazel Rebecca HARMON (m.17 June)
(b.Dec 1895 d.24 Jan 1942) (obit)
William Harrison EVERINGHAM
Elizabeth MITCHELL
children: EVERINGHAM
    son of Charles & Hazel;
  1. Charles Harrison (b.~1922)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Celia Josephine (b.1892)
  2. Achsah Esther (b.1893)
  3. Chester M. (b.1896)
  4. Mahlon Joshua (b.1902)
  5. Allegra M. (b.1907)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Family outline from the files of Sandra J. Evilsizer, of NM.
Opal Hurst was the daughter of David HURST & Bertha J. EVILSIZOR. Sandra has Opal's obituary.
2Information organized by Tom Phillips, of PA.
3General information from the research files of Ann J. Everingham and Roger Harris.
4Information gathered from various sources & Internet by Kevin Everingham 2000-2004.
Death Record; Hazel Rebecca Everingham, d.24 Jan 1942 at Piqua, Miami OH, b. 24 Dec 1895 at Urbana twp, Champaign, OH Father: Ed F. Harmon, mother; Lydia West.

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