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Harriet Nancy EVERINGHAM
b.11 December 1815 New Jeresey
d.21 Sept 1890 Union County, Ohio
Charles Ellis WINNER (1816-1902)
married 21 Dec 1837 Stark, OH
currently unknown

probably William & Mary EVERINGHAM
who lived next to Harriet in 1850.

children: WINNER
  1. Mary (b.~1838 OH)
  2. William (b.~1840 OH)
  3. John Nelson (b.1843 OH)
  4. Leander T. (b.1844 OH)
  5. Isaac R. (b.1848 OH)
  6. Rhoda A. (b.1850 OH)
  7. Sarah Rebecca (~b.1850 OH)
  8. Shadrack R. (b.1855 OH)
  9. Charles Hudson (b.1859 OH)
  1. Rebecca Everingham (b.~1817 NJ)
  2. John Everingham (b.~1827 OH)

    possible siblings?

  3. Henry Everingham (b.~1821 NJ)
    of Logan County, OH
  4. Job Everingham (b.~1824)
    of Logan County, OH
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research timeline of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2014;

1820 CENSUS Lexington, Stark, OH ... "Jno Winner" Charles' probable father
1830 CENSUS Lexington, Stark, OH ... "John Winner" Charles' probable father
1837 Ohio marriage record.. "Charles Winner & Harriet Everingham, marriet at Stark County, Ohio on December 21, 1837." -handwritten county record, Page 61 shows: "I do hereby certify that on the 21st day of December A.D. 1837 by virtue of a license from the clerk of the court of Common Pleas of Stark County, Charles Winner and Harriet Everingham were leagally joined in marriage by me a Justice of the Peace in and for said County. Given under my hand this 9th day of January A.D. 1838. ... Joseph Johnson J.P."

1840 CENSUS Lexington, Stark, OH (Page 62).. "Charles Winner"
1840 CENSUS Bokescreek, Logan, OH (pg.3).. "Lohn Winner" Charles' probable father

1850 CENSUS Perry, Logan, OH (home #94).. "Charles Winner 34, b.NJ, farmer,.. Harriet 34, b.NJ,.. Mary 12, b.OH,..William 10, b.OH,.. John M. 8, b.OH,.. Leander 5, b.OH,.. Isaac 2, b.OH,.. Rhoda 0, b.OH." ... living 2 homes away from his probable father; (home #92).. "John Winner 61, b.NJ,.. Margaret 33, b.PA,.. Marie 19,.. Washington 9,.. Mary 7,.. Cyrus 5,.. Taylor 3,.. Laura 2,.. Cornelia 4/12"
..enumerated on October 16th 1850 U.S. Jefferson twp, Logan County, Ohio Census.. "#332 William Everingham 53, b.NJ,.. Mary 62, b.NJ,... John 21, b.OH,.. Levinia 17, b.OH,.. Mary 1, b.OH" ..living next to John & William's (Harriet's probable parents and sibling) families is probable relatives; Jacob & Rebecca Bushawn!.. I believe this is a probable sister of Harriet.

1870 CENSUS Bokescreek township, Logan, Ohio (Aug 3, 1870, Page 15 #117)... "Charles E. Winner 57, b.NJ, farmer,.. Harriet 57, b.NJ,.. Isaac R. 21, b.OH,.. Shadrick 14, b.OH,.. Charles H. 11, b.OH."

1880 CENSUS West Mansfiled, Logan, OH (sheet 18C)... "Chas E. Winner 64, b.NJ,.. Harriet Winner 65, b.NJ"

connecting family:
1900 CENSUS Bokescreek twp. West Mansfield, Logan, OH (sheet 5B, house #130).. "John Winner 57, b.OH,.. Rebecca Winner 49, b.OH, wife,.. Herbert Winner 20, b.OH, son,.. John Everingham 73, b.OH, uncle, widowed, parents b.NJ." - This John was born August 1827 in Ohio,.. by the 1910 census, John and Rebecca Winner are living alone at Bokescreek, Logan, Ohio. John Everingham's sister Harriet married Charles Winner, they were the parents of John Winner, John Everingham's nephew.

Southard cemetery West Mansfield, Union County, Ohio.. "Harriet Nancy Everingham Winner (b.11 Dec 1815, d.21 Sep. 1890),.. Charles Ellis Winner (b.15 July 1816- d.17 Mar 1902)

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