unlinked Ohio family
identified on son's death record as "Thomas" this may be incorrect, all reliable records show "Peter".
b.10 June 1809 Newark, NJ
lived in Huron County, Ohio
Jane CHAMPION (b.~1812 d.1886)
born in Pennsylvania
unknown spouse
  1. Alfred (b.~1830 OH)
  2. John
  3. William (b.~1833 OH)
  4. Thomas (b.1837 OH)
  5. Elizabeth A. (b.~1844)
  6. Charles T. (b.~1846)
  7. James S. (b.~1849)

siblings: EVERINGHIM
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham, 2013;

1840 CENSUS Lyme twp., Huron, Ohio (Page 430).. Peter Everingham.
1850 not found in 1850 Census data so far
1860 CENSUS Ridgefield twp., Huron, OH (Page 323).. Peter Evernghim, 49... Jane Evernghim 47... Thomas Evernghim 19... Elizabeth Evernghim 16,.. Charles Evernghim 14,... James Evernghim 11.
1870 CENSUS Ridgefiled twp, Huron, OH (Page 9, family #65)... Peter Evringham 61, farmer, b.NJ, value of real estate 16,000, value of personal estate 2200,.. Jaine Evringham 57, b.PA,.. Thomas Evringham 25, b.OH ~abt 1845.
1880 CENSUS Monroeville, Huron, OH (Page 213A, #2201)... Peter Everingim 71, married, farmer, b.NJ,.. Jane Everingim 68, b.PA,.. Ella Haughawout 16, b.OH "no relation given".

1886 Huron County Death Record (Vol 1, pg 130)... Jane Everingin, female, married, occ: housekeeping, age 74, born in PA,.. died 12 November 1886 at Monroeville, Huron County, Ohio.
1886 Huron County Death Record (Vol 1, pg 130)... Peter Everingin, male, age 78, b.PA, died 12 November 1886 Monroeville, Huron County, Ohio. I have only seen an index of these death records... either they died on the same day, or the record was transcribed wrong.

1896 In the book; PICTURESQUE HURON or HURON COUNTY, OHIO AS SEEN THROUGH A CAMERA, (c)1896, Laning Printing Company, Norwalk, OH.... Page 45 has a photo of the residence of Thos. Everingham, at Ridgefield Township, between Monroeville & Hunt's Corners. This is possibly the family home of his parents.

Biography of son Thomas Everingim from History of the Western Reserve, Vol.3 by Harriet Taylor Upton, Harry Gardner Cutler, Lewis Publishing 1910. (Page 1495-1496)... "- (Thomas Everingim) His father, Peter Everingim, and his grandfather, Ezekiel Everingim, were born and brought up in New Jersey. Born in Newark, New Jersey, June 10, 1809, Peter Everingim was but a boy when he was brought to Ohio, and was here reared amid pioneer scenes... Working with his father he learned the carpenter's trade and lived in Richland county until 1838, when he settled in Lyme township, Huron county. His wife, whose maiden name was Jane Champion, was born in Pennsylvania, but was brought by her parents to Richland county, Ohio when a child. She died in 1888, leaving seven children, namely; Alfred, John, William, Elizabeth A, Thomas, James S. and Charles T."

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