Rachel Mary EVERINGHAM b.25 Aug 1915 Ainsworth, Brown Co. NE
Laurence Edward GREENFIELD
(b.1 Nov 1911)
married 19 Sep 1935 Bassett, NE
Albert B. EVERINGHAM (b.1885)
Mabel Mae WILLIAMS (b.1888)
children: GREENFIELD
born in Atkinson, Nebraska
  1. Paula Jean (b.22 Jul 1954)
  2. Peggy Ann (b.14 Sep 1955)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Eunice Augusta (b.31 Aug 1909)
  2. Helen Avah (b.23 Jul 1911)
  3. Melvin Albert (b.12 Dec 1918)
  4. Paul Williams (b.12 May 1920)
  5. Donald Eugene (b.11 Feb 1925)
  6. Estella Mae (b.21 Apr 1928)
    born at Long Pine, Brown Co.NE
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Much of this info from:
1Estella Everingham Black --- March 2000

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