Thomas Stanton SABIN
b.26 Jan 1812 New York
d.2 Feb 1887 Fulton, OHIO
or d.16 Feb 1887, Fulton, OH?
Maria B. BROWNING (m.1836 OH)
born abt 1818, d.March 1889 OH
Alpheus SABIN (b.~1785 VT)
Elizabeth BAILEY (b.~1788 MASS)
children: SABIN

  1. Sarah Ann (b.1838 OH)
  2. John Baily (b.1839 OH)
  3. Nancy Browning (b.1841)
  4. Thomas Hoxey (b.1843)
  5. Julia F. (b.1845)
  6. Julius (b.1845)
siblings: SABIN

  1. John (b.~1810)
  2. Elizabeth (b.~1812)
  3. Adeline (b.~1814)
  4. Sarah Ann (b.~1816)
  5. Nathan W. (b.~1818)
  6. Vincent (b.~1821)
  7. Amy (b.~1823)
  8. James (b.~1825)
  9. Susan (b.~1827)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham, if you are going to "borrow" research that took individuals 100's of hours to research, please do not call it your own research! (site sources whenever possible)

1836 Ohio Marriage Record Vol 1, pg.4,... Thomas S. Sabin, married Maria Browning, 15 June 1836 at Maumee, Lucas County, Ohio.

1840 CENSUS Wing, Lucas, Ohio ... Thomas S. Sabins (Census index only, no details)

1850 CENSUS Weston, Wood, Ohio ... Thoams S. Sabin 37, b.~1813 NY,... Mariah Sabin 31, b.~1819 NY,... Sarah A. Sabin 12, b.~1838 OH,... John B. Sabin 9, b.~1841 OH,... Thomas H. Sabin 7, b.~1843 OH,... Julia Sabin 8, b.~1842 OH,... Julius Sabin 8, b.~1842 OH.

1870 CENSUS Fulton, Fulton, Ohio... #225,... Thomas Sabin 58, farmer, b.NY, value of real estate $2500,... Maria Sabin 50, b.NY,.. Julia Gillmore 25, domestic servant, b.OH,... Frederick Gillmore 2? (scribbled out), at home, b.OH.

1880 CENSUS Fulton, Fulton, Ohio (Page 111D, #4655)... Thomas Sabin 68, b.NY, farmer, married, father born in Maine, mother born in NY,... Maria Sabin, wife, 61, born in NY, father born in Rhode Island, mother born in Connecticut.

1887 Fulton Death Record (Vol 2, pg.161) ... (same person?)... Thomas S. Sabine, age 75, born in New York, occ: farmer, married, died February 2, 1887 at Fulton Township, Fulton County, Ohio.

1889 Fulton Death Record (vol 2, pg.162, line 14)... Maria B. Sabins, age 70, born abt 1819, died March 30, 1889, Fulton Township, Fulton County, Ohio.

1904 Wood Co. OHIO Marriage Record (pg 29, #10819) ... Henry P. Beruithistle 84,... married June 2, 1904 to.... Julia F. Younkman 59, b.Grand Rapids, OH abt. 1845, d/o Thomas S. Sabin & Maria Browning..... License, February 1904... Henry is a retired farmer, previously married 3 times,... Julia F. Younkman 59., occupation was housekeeper... she was previously married 3 times.... married by Rev. Evans, June 2, 1904, signed by probate Judge Joseph Lincoln. ... Julia's middle initial is clearly written as "F" several times.

1912 Huntington, Indiana Marriage Record ..... Harvey Goldsmith, b.24 may 1847 NY, s/o John Goldsmith & Sarah J. Deny..... married .... Julia E. Bernthisel, b.May 26, 1845 OH, d/o Thomas S. Sabin & Maria Brown.... Married 31 May 1912, (bride said she had 2 previous marriages).

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