Julius SABIN
b.21 May 1845 Wood Co., OH
d.15 April 1924 Sumner, Gratiot, MI
Mary Eunice ALLISON
m.6 November 1872 Stryker, Williams, OH

AKA -- Mattie MAXHAM
1906 Ithaca, Gratiot, MI

Thomas Stanton SABIN
children: SABIN

  1. John Edgar (b.1874)
  2. Thomas Jesse (b.1876)
  3. Pearl Lawrence (b.1878)
  4. Leo (b.1884)
    step children
  5. Jessie C. MAXHAM (b.~1877)
  6. Albert C. MAXHAM (b.~1882)
siblings: SABIN

  1. Sarah Ann (b.1838)
  2. John Baily (b.1839)
  3. Nancy Browning (b.~1841)
  4. Thomas Hoxey (b.~1843)
  5. Julia (b.~1845) Twin of Julius?
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham, if you are going to "borrow" research that took individuals 100's of hours to research, please do not call it your own research! (site sources whenever possible)

1870 CENSUS Elba Twp. Gratiot, MI ...probable family of 2nd wife... ... N Shellengarger, 39 b.OH, farmer,... Clarissa 22 b.OH,... Martha 16, b.OH... Willis 5, b.MI... West 3, b.MI,... Grant 1, b.MI. 1880 CENSUS shows: Nicholas Shellenbarger 52, Clarissa 33, Willie 15, West 13, Grant 11, Lucy 5.

1872 Marriage, Williams Co. OH... Julius Sabin & Mary E. Allison m.6 November 1872 at Stryker, Williams County, OH. click link for a photo of the Probate Court registry.

1874 Marriage Gratiot County, MI... Jay C. Maxham 26 b.NY... Martha Shellenberger 20, b.MI,... m.15 March 1874 Elm Hall, Gratiot, MI. (Julius' second wife's, 1st marriage) many researchers list his second wife as "Mattie Maxham" which was her married name, her maiden name was "Martha Shellenberger"

1880 CENSUS Ferris Twp. Montcalm, MI... Julius Sabin, 34,.. Mary E. 26,.. John 6,.. Thomas J. 4,.. Pearly 2,.. Roenell Shaffer 19.

1880 CENSUS Sumner, Gratiot, MI ... Jay C. Maxham 31 b.NY,... Mattie Maxham 26, wife, b.OH, parents b.OH,... Jessie 3.

1900 CENSUS Ferris Twp. Montcalm, MI... Julius Sabin, b.May 1845 OH, father & mother b.NY, married 25yrs,... Mary E. Sabin, b.August 1843 OH, wife, parents b.PA, mother of 4, 4 living,... John E. Sabin, b.Oct 1874 OH, son,... Pearl Sabin, b.Jan 1878 MI, son,... Leo Sabin, b.Nov 1884 MI, son.

1906 Marriage Gratiot, MI... Julius Sabin 61, b.Wood Co. OH, s/o T.S.Sabin & Maria Browning,... Mattie Maxham, 53, b.OH, d/o ____ Shellenbarger, mother; "not known"... (both previously married), m.15 May 1906 at Ithaca, Gratiot, MI.... married by; R.M. Williams, clergyman,.. witnesses: Lola G. Todd & Gladie Kille of Ithaca, MI.

1910 CENSUS Ferris twp. Montcalm, MI... Julius Sabin 64 b.OH, 2nd marriage, married 3 yrs, farmer,... Mattie M. Sabin 56, 2nd marriage, mother of 3, 2 living,.. Jessie C. Maxham 33, step-daughter, teaching school.

1920 CENSUS Gratiot County, MI... Julius Sabin, 74 b.OH, married, house & barn painter,... Mattie Sabin 64.

1924 Death Registration Gratiot County, MI.... Julius Sabin 78, farmer, married, died 15 April 1924 at Sumner, Gratiot, MI,... Father: Thomas Sabin

MORE RESEARCH of the Maxham & Shellenbarger family from Mary Shellenbarger.

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