Marion Leona STONER
AKA Marion Leona SUMEY
b.6 Mar 1926
(b.29 Mar 1920 d.9 Jul 1994)
adoptive parents:
William D. STONER (b.1883)
Annabell EVERINGHAM (b.1882)
children: GORDIER Stoner siblings:
  1. Keith M. (b.23 April 1907)1 "twin"
  2. Kenneth A. (b.23 April 1907)1 "twin"
sister virginia (center)
(l-r)Ruth Everingham, Virginia
Milligan, Inez Everingham
fact sources and writings about this individual:Marion Stoner

Marion was adopted (or raised) by Belle & William Stoner, and her twin sister "Virginia" was adopted by "Nibs" & Mertle Milligan. The Milligan's also had 2 sons, Charles, and Junior Milligan.

Photo Left - Marion Stoner.

information updated August 2006 by Esther Gordier

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