English immigrant 1840
b.~1780's to 1794 ENGLAND
d.~1841? drowned in river.
b.28 Mar 1789, d.23 Mar 1872
______? EVERINGHAM (b.Eng)
  1. Richard D. (b.~1828)
  2. Mary (b.~1829)
  3. Joseph (b.1831)
  4. (M.E.) Matthew East (b.~1833)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
fact sources and writings about this individual:

research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2014 -

1840 District of New York, Port of New York, Ships's manifest of passengers from London, sworn June 11, 1840... among others, includes; "Tho. Everingham 46,.. Mary Everingham 57,.. Richard Everingham 12,.. Mary Everingham 10,.. Joseph Everingham 9,.. Mathew E. Everingham 6. "

1841 The Hawk-eye and Iowa Patriot, March 4, 1841.. "Notice is hereby given that letter of administration have been granted by the Probate court, for Lee County, to the subscriber upon the estate of Thomas Everingham, deceased, late of said county. All persons indebted to the deceased, are requested to make immediate payment to the subscriber... Mary Everingham, Admr'x."

1914 Story of Lee County, Iowa, Vol.2, Nelson Commins Roberts, Samuel W. Moorhead,.. S.J. Clark Publ. Co. 1914..."Thomas Everingham came to West Point in 1839 and purchased a stock of goods, after which he returned to England for his family, bringing his wife and children to the new world in 1840. Unfortunately, six months later he was carried over the dam at Lowell in the Skunk river, and at his death left a widow and four children."

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