html> William EVERINGHAM b.abt 1692

probably died by 1736.
b.abt 1692 Yorkshire, England?2
immigrated in 1703 to Upper FreeHold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey1,2
Rachel CHESHIRE (b.1696)
widowed, this is probably the Rachel who later married Richard HARRISON in 1736. (marriage)
currently unknown
possible parent (Jeremiah?)
children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Mary Elizabeth (b.1718)
  2. Hannah (b.~1727)

  3. Joseph (b.~1729)- speculation
    who married Mary Gilbert. see first 2 generations in America page for reasoning & more notes.

    others currently unknown ?

siblings: unknown

New Jersey
Early New Jersey
Everingham family
living in the
same area.
(see locations)

Also see: The first 2
generations in America
fact sources and writings about this individual:
1Information from IGI Files.

It is believed by some researchers, that this William was the father of some of the Everingham boys born in the mid 1700's. (currently no proof)

2The EVERHAM Story (1,2,3) tells that William was the immigrant ancestor who came to Americal in 1703 from Yorkshire, England.
If he did in fact immigrate to the American Colonies in 1703, then he was about 10 years old, and probably came to the Colonies with his parents. UNLESS he was much older and all known birth dates are simply estimates. If that is possible, then he could have even been old enough to be the father of the other earliest Everinghams. He may be one of three to six brothers who came to the Colonies at the same time.

A John Cheshire & Ann Sutton (Rachels parents?) were married 14 Feb 1692 at Middleton.. Monmouth County New Jersey. Rachel is said to have been born in 1696 or 1705. Some IGI files say she was the daughter of George Cheshire born 1660 England. He died 1748 in Mt.Holly Burlington NJ. Which is correct?

A John Cheshire left land to William Everingham in Burlington NJ according to the History & Genealogy by 379.

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