Everingham Family History Record Reprint... (c)2014

Syracuse Herald
Syracuse, NY, 1908

Remnants of famous Regiment
Gather at Long Branch.


Of the 1,200 Men Who Started the Battle of Chancellorsville, But 178 Are Now Living - Fought Under Meads at Gettysburg and Marched to the Sea With Sherman.

  Seventy-five old and grizzled veterans of the Civil War are gathered at Long Branch this afternoon at the fourty-third annual reunion of the One Hundred and Forty-ninth regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, talking over old campaigns and going through the formal but solumn ceremony to them of signing the regimental roll. Of the 1,000 men enrolled in September 1862, and the 200 recruited a few months later, but 178 are still alive. And they are scattered far and wide.

Although many of them cannot be present at the reunion of "the boys" today, they have sent letters recalling the old times. These letters were read by the secretary of the regiment, George J. Sager, shortly after 2 o'clock this afternoon, amid the hearty applause of the old comrades.

The One Hundred and Fourty-ninth regiment was enrolled in Syracuse and vicinity. The original enrollment was 1,000. Soon, because of the depletion of the ranks at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, 200 additional men were recruited and a number transferred from other regiments which had suffered less heavily. At Chancellorsville they were under General Hooker and at Gettysburg under General Meade.

After this battle they were detached from the Eastern division and formed a division of the "cracker line" which relieved General Thomas, who waas penned in near Chattanooga. Under Sherman they took part in the 100 days continuous fighting in the march from Lookout Mountain to Atlanta. After the famous march through Georgia they proceeded northward through the Carolinas, being at Raleigh when the war closed.

Survivors listed from Company I. - Capt. George K. Collins, Syracuse; Second Lieut. John T. Bon, Col. Mortimer B. Birdseye, Fayetteville; Brevet Second Lieut. William Bridgeford, Cambridge; James V. Butts, Pompey; James Irvingham, Syracuse; John Greer, Syracuse; Harrison Miles, Amsterdam, Warren Patterson, Candor; Jerome Patterson, Fayetteville, Charles F. Woodford, Port Byron; J.W. Hoyt, Central Square.

Transcribed by
Kevin Everingham
July, 2014

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