was called "Smith" as a child and "James" as an adult. AKA Smith EVRINGHAM
Co.I, 149th NY Vol, Civil War
b.Dec 1832 or 1834 Onondaga Co.,NY
d.1910 (see Military & Cemetery info)
Louisa RICHARDSON (b.~1836 NY)
married abt 1854
Samuel EVERINGHAM (b.1795)
children: EVERINGHAM

  1. George (b.~1855 NY)
  2. Eunice (b.~1858 NY)
  3. Julia (b.Oct 1859 NY)
  4. Carrie (b.~1862 NY)
  1. Walter (b.1821)
  2. William (b.~1822-25?)
  3. George (b.1822-25)
  4. Hannah (b.~1829)
  5. Charles (b.~1830)
  6. Angelina (b.~1831)
  7. John (b.1835)
  8. Chet (b.~1840)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

2Research of Kevin Everingham, 1999-2009.

Speculation about why I believe SMITH and JAMES are the same person; In 1850 living next to Everinghams were the Richardson family. Shep Richardson was a "Boatman". I believe this is James in-laws, and SMITH Everingham is listed in 1850 as a "Boatman", there was no James in 1850 in Onondaga. In 1855 there is no SMITH Everingham listed but James Everingham is listed as a "Boatman". In 1860 there is also no SMITH, but is a James Everingham listed with his family at Manlius township. In 1862 a James S. Everingham enlisted in the New York Volunteers.. he was from Fayetteville, NY. This is the same year at least two of his brothers also enlisted in the Civil War.

1850 CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (family #594) ... living next to Walter Everingham's family #595... Sheppard Richardson 38, boatman,.. Ellice Richardson 34,.. Louisa Richardson 15,.. Wm Richardson 12,.. Arman Richardson 10,.. Mary Richardson 4,.. Chet Richardson 1.

1855 STATE CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (Page 405, family #287).. Sally Everingham 52, lived in this town 23 yrs,.. Charles Everingham 15, not married, son,.. Louisa Everingham 20, married, daughter-in-law,.. George Everingham 0, grandson,.. James Everingham 21, son, married, occ: Boatman. as usual this Census is a little confusing but it appears that Charles was living with his mother and his brother James and his family was living with her as well.

1860 CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (Page 80, family #567) ... John Evringham 21, b.NY, day laborer,... Sarah Evringham 57, b.NY,... Charles Evringham 18, b.NY, day laborer. although Charles' age seems off, this does appear to be John & Charles living with their mother... (family #568 -living in the same household as family #567) James Evringham 26, b.NY, day laborer,.. Louisa Everingham 24, b.NY,.. George Evringham 5, b.NY,.. Eunice Evringham 2, b.NY,.. infant Evringham 8/12, female, b.NY. because of this census, I am inclined to believe that James is a son of Samuel since it appears that he was living with the widow of Samuel and two sons of Samuel. Two homes away was another brother - (family #570) George Evringham 38, b.NY, occ: miller,.. Mary A. 35, b.NY,.. Theodore 12, b.NY,.. Anna L. 9, b.NY,.. William 6, b.NY,.. Alice 4, b.NY,.. Hilan 1, b.NY.

1862 CIVIL WAR ... EVERINGHAM, James S., res. Fayetteville, NY, private, 149 NYV, enlisted Syracuse, N.Y., mustered in Sept. 1862, still alive, P.O. Fayetteville, NY. (d. Feb., 1910, ae. 74, buried Jamesville, obit in "Fayetteville Bulletin," 2/18/1910.) Brothers Charles & John also enlisted in the NYV in 1862. However, there is no proof yet that this is the same James.

1870 CENSUS DeWitt, Onondaga, NY (Page 33, July 13, 1870, fam #273) ... James Everinhama 35, b.NY, farm laborer,.. Eunice 12,.. Julia 10,.. Carrie 8.

1875 STATE CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (Page 50, fam#141) .. Frank Worden 50,.. Hannah Worden 46,.. Willie Worden 16,.. Lucia Worden 14,.. Jennie Worden 11,.. Hattie Worden 3,.. Ellen Everingham 22, niece,.. Henry Shephard 25, boarder,.. James Everingham 41, boarder. another speculation, but I believe this is James, possibly living with a sister "Hannah" and their niece Ellen, daughter of Walter is also living here.

1892 STATE CENSUS ED1, DeWitt, Onondaga, NY (Page 2, Feb 16, 1892) ... Adelbert Baum 35, farmer,.. Julia Baum 31,.. Lulu Baum 13,.. Gertie Baum 10,.. James Everingham 58, laborer.

1900 CENSUS ED83, Dist 1, Syracuse City, Ward1, Onondaga, NY ... Adelbert Baum 43 b.May 1857 NY,.. Julia E. Baum 40, b.Oct 1859 NY, wife,.. Gertrude R. 17, b.July 1882 NY, daughter,.. Paul J. Baum 5, b.Aug 1894 NY, son,.. James Everingham 67, b.Dec 1832 NY, widowed, fa-in-law.

1908 Syracuse Herald discusses the reunion of the 149th Civil War veterans.

Walnut Grove Cemetery ... Jamesville, Onondaga, NY,.. James Everingham, private, Co.I, 149th NY Infantry (1836-1910)

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