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Lord Everingham of Laxton

The Title "Lord Everingham" was once held by Adam Everingham of Laxton. This title is well documented in many English books of peerage. All books note that the title is in abeyance between co-heirs of Adam, who was the 2nd Baron Everingham. His son(s) died before he did, and the Title is said to have died out, when Adam died before 1390.
In January 2005, a man contacted the Everingham family web site claiming to now hold the title; Lord Everingham of Laxton. This type of claim after several hundred years is very interesting to us family researchers, but greeted with skepticism.

Below is the information about this claim, and responses from people researching it.
    First contact made by David Alexander Richard Waterton-Anderson
  • Original claim, Jan 2005.

    At this point, all family researchers were curious but most just wanted to know if this claim was legal and possible.

  • Response sent back to the claimant.

    A response was returned quickly, and his family research (sent to this web site) was quite extensive. I have used some of his research on this web site in reference to Everinghams of the 11th to 14th centuries.

  • Further Claims to the title explained

    We continued to look for any bit of truth to the claims of the Everingham title, although David's papers did show a great deal of ancient family research, no papers of proof of title were included.

    A year later, author & researcher Janelle Evans received this response from the College of Arms, London.

  • College of Arms Jan, 2006.

awaiting further information...

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