Our next steps:

Who, What, Where, How?:


Obviously, a DNA project would be very beneficial to the Everingham family research for generations to come. To organize a quality DNA project, I will need some help making some decisions.

  1. Who will be involved, who will help out?
    If you want to help, contact the family web site:

  2. What is the best test to use?
    Blood, Hair, Swab?.. Should we use one test so comparison's are all equal? If so, which one? Beyond the way to take the tests, which test should be done? I assume Y Chromosome, but let me know what you think.

  3. Should a single company be used?
    If so, which one?... Some company examples can be viewed here: ( FamilyTree DNA | GeneleX | DNATCA )
    Do you know of others?

  4. Should individuals get the tests done, or should one genealogy body handle the tests?
    • Some genealogy projects rely on individuals simply submitting results that they enter in a chart for comparison,...

    • many family DNA projects simply have interested persons submit the money to pay for the testing along with their known genealogy (family pages).
    • Which way would be best for us?

  5. What sort of submission forms or legal forms would be needed?
    In dealing with such a personal issue as DNA, I believe it will be crucial to get legal forms (release forms) put on-line that people can sign and return with testing results. Special submission forms on the web site may be necessary also depending on which method of testing we decide to use.

  6. What other issues am I not considering?
    If you would like to discuss the possibilities, please contact the Everingham family web site.

  7. How would you like to see results given?

  8. What do you not like about a DNA project?

  9. Where can we find out more?