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A collection of "some" of the
Census data used in this publication

This data is certainly not complete as given below, but gives a little more detail about each of
the families researched in this publication. This data is included to give descendants who wish
to further research, a place to start. It is strongly suggested that this data be used as a starting
point, and all information should be verified to be sure it is 100% correct and free of spelling
errors, misinterpretation & typos. This is a good reference, for finding specific census data
about our family. This is a small list that certainly does not cover all of the data available.
Much of this census data listed here comes from Canadian census readings by W. Roger Harris,
along with some early references from Kimball Everingham, and census readings at the
Library of Michigan in Lansing, by Barb Curtindale and Kevin Everingham, among others.

It is very hard to prove family relationships with census data prior to the mid 1800's. The
Everinghams were from New Jersey where the first U.S. Census was not done until 1830. In
1830 and 1840, names of the head of household and approximate ages of everyone else were all
that was given. In 1850, the U.S. Census finally started listing every person in each household.

NOTE: our 2nd generation James Everingham is listed as an early pioneer, living at Niagara, NY in 1806, in
the pioneer history book; "The History of Niagara County, NY" by Sanford & Co., New York, published 1821 &
1878 , Page 290 also lists his brother Adoram, a miller, moving to the falls area in 1807. They are listed below:

1810 Census: (this is our 2nd generation James Everingham)
Cambria, Niagara County, New York
J. Everingham, Males age 26-45 (1), Males under age 10 (1), Females age 26-45 (1).
This fits perfectly with the James Everingham & Sally (Brooks) family, their 1st child Adoram was 1.

Also listed in this Census:
A. Evingham "Adoram Everingham brother of James listed above"
1820 Census:
Lewiston Township, Niagara County, New York
James Everingham, males age 26-45 (1), males age 10-16 (1), males under age 10 (5), females age 26-45 (1),
females under age 10 (1).

This data fits with the family; James & Sally (Brooks) Everingham & Children; Adoram, Betsy, Ira, George, William, Henry & James. The father is our 2nd generation, and the last child ­ James, is our 3rd generation. 1820 NY Census data from Niagara Falls, NY Library, Portage Local History Section, 2nd floor gathered by Roger Harris.
It is thought that our line of Everinghams moved from New York to Ontario between 1827 & 1829.
1830 Census: (no Everinghams listed in Niagara County, NY)
Niagara Township, NiagaraCounty, New York

(pg 419, line 21) William Bradner "husband of Laura Everingham"

Page 152

LaFayette Township, Onondaga County, New York
1830 Census:
(Page 301) John Everingham
Manlius Township, Onondaga County, New York
(Page 383) Samuel Everingham
Brooklyn Naval Yard, King County, New York
(Page 351) William G. Everingham
Fayette Township, Seneca County, New York
(page 52) John Ide "husband of Mary H. Everingham"

It appears that our 2nd generation ­ James Everingham probably moved to Ontario by 1830, I am not sure where. According to notes in the 1901 Census, Hiram Everingham claimed that his family moved to Canada in 1829, which fits perfect.

1830 NY Census data from Niagara Falls, NY Library, Portage Local History Section, 2nd floor gathered by Roger Harris. Below: although our Everinghams were originally from New Jersey, the New Jersey Everinghams below have not been linked to our Everinghams with any proof at this time.

E. Windsor Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey
Pearson Evernham (1m 20s, 1m 10-15, 1f 20s, 1f <5) "a possible cousin, but no sure link to our Everinghams"
Northampton Township, Burlington County, New Jersey
Joshua Evernham (1m 20s, 1m <5, 1f 20s) "another possible cousin, but no sure link to our Everinghams"
1840 Census:
Niagara Township, Niagara County, New York
(page 12, line 2) William Bradner "husband of Laura Everingham"

Seneca Township, Seneca County, New York
(#113) John Ide "husband of Mary H. Everingham"

Butler Town, Wayne county, New York
(#10, #11) John S. Everingham "probably a grandson of generation 1, James"

Huron Township, Erie County, Ohio
(page 290, line 11) William Everingham

East & West Windsor Township, Mercer County, New Jersey
Pearson Evernham
Major Evernham
George Evernham
Benjamin Evernham
Although these Evernhams are from New Jersey where our James "generation 1," was from, we have no proof that they are related.

Other than a couple of Census' -our Everinghams were not found "yet" in 1840
I believe they moved back to Ontario before 1840, possibly in 1827 to 1829. It is
important to know that the first regular CENSUS of Ontario Canada did not take
place until 1851... thus all of our early family were not found in Census data
except those times when they moved back to the United States side of Niagara.

1842 Census:
Canboro Township, Ontario, Canada
James Everingham, Lot 2, Conc 3, non proprietor, farming.

Page 153

1850 Census:
Perry Township, Perry County, Ohio
(396/198B dwelling 1265 fam 1284) William Bradner "husband of Laura Everingham"

Milan Township, Erie County, Ohio "close to the Michigan state line"
(169/85A d.355 fam 357) William Everingham

Town of Richland, Oswego County, New York
(455/228A d.96 fam.96) John S. Everingham "Reverend J.S.Everingham, grandson of our James, generation 1"
1852 Census: "James -below, is our generation 2"
Dunn Township, Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada
(Page 23)
Henry Everingham, age 32, Joanna, wife, they lived in a 2 story frame home. Listed as Episcopal Methodists
Henry is the son of James Everingham & Sally Brooks, brother of James Everingham (& Violet Burnham).

James Everingham, age 30, Violet, wife, Children; James, Ira, Adoram, and; Lucretia, neice, Selista, neice,
Hiram, brother of James.

NOTE: obviously, our 3rd generation family lived in Haldimand County and later moved to Brant County. This probably means that Ira Everingham was born in Haldimand, Ontario, or possibly their previous home, Niagara, New York.
1861 Census:
Onondaga Township, Brant County, Ontario, Canada West (Reel C1009)
Family #8
Samuel Norris, farmer, born in England, age 45, Sarah, wife, born in England, age 42, Jerimah, dau, born in Up-
per Canada, age 18, Priscilla, dau, born U.C., age 12, Zsidenenple?, dau born U.C. age 10, Norma, dau, born U.C.
age 5, Keziah, born U.C. age 1. NOTE: Samuel is possibly a brother of Robert Norris below.

Family #20
Robert Norris, farmer, born in England, Baptist, age 56, Elizabeth, wife, born in England, age 51, James, la-
bourer, son, born in England, age 26, Mary Ann, dau, born in England, age 23, George, son, age 20, Martha, dau,
age 17, Charles Matthews, son, age 17, Jane, dau, age 14, Louise, dau, age 12, Anna, dau, age 6.
1861 Census:
Mosa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
(Ward #1) Page 15
George Everingham, age 46, a laborer, could not read or write, Liza, wife, married 1843, Children; William,
Almira, Adoram, Joseph, Robert, George, James, Maretta. (George is son of James & Sally Everingham)

1871 Census:
Onondaga Township, Brant County, Ontario (Reel C9916 d-1)
(Page 3) Family #13
Robt. Norris, farmer, age 67, Baptist, Elizabeth, wife, age 60, Baptist, Mary Anne, dau, age 30, E. Meth, Anna,
dau, age 15, E. Meth.

Page 156

1871 continued...

(Page 6) Family #23
Henry Fryer, farmer, age 56, born in England, W. Meth., Harriet, wife, age 56, born in England, Jane Norris,
servant, age 22, born in Ontario.

(Page 11) Family #44
Edward Norris, age 54, born in England, labourer, Church of England, Mary, wife, age 49, born Eng., James 23,
born in Eng, Edward 21, born Eng., Henry 18, born in Ontario., Philip 16, Sarah 14, Mary 13, Daniel 11, Eliza 7,
Agnes 5, John 2.

(Page 20) Family #68
"Our 3rd Generation -James Everingham"
James Everingham, age 57, Born in Ontario, E.Meth., "wife; Violet had died in 1869," Ira 21, Lucy 15, Henry
13, Ugene 11, Roselthy 9, Mary 7, Charles Norris, (son-in-law) age 24, labourer, married, Alice Norris (dau), age
17, married, Celiste L Norris (grand-daughter), age 1.

The oldest child of James & Violet - "James Henry" is listed below with his wife, Margaret Lymburner.

James Everingham, age 24, born in Ontario, Religion; Episcopal Methodist, Margaret, wife
1871 Census:
Welland County, Ontario (summary information only listing head of household)
(Page 15) District 19, E & F
James Everingham, age 66, Irish (probably recorded wrong), occupation; F? & A Miller
Clarke Everingham, age 39, English, occupation; F
James A. Everingham, age 35, born in Ontario, English Origin, Religion; Methodist
John W. Everingham, age 30, English Origin.
Maria Everingham, age 44, Religion; NC
William Everingham, age 34, Religion; NC, English Origin.
1871 Census:
Canborough Township, Haldimand County, Ontario
Henry Everingham, age 52, English Origin. (Page 26) District 17, I

"Henry & Hiram were sons of our 2nd generation - James & Sally Everingham"

Hiram Everingham, age 34, Farmer, Charlotte, wife, age 35, James 16, Sarah M. 14, Hiram 12, William E. 10,
Celia C. 8, Robert 6, and Emerson 3 years old.
1871 Census:
Parry Sound, Ontario (summary information only)
(Page 57) District 86 A
Andrew Everingham, age 64 (father of Jesse Everingham who came from Parry Sound to Onaway, MI)
1871 Census:
Middlesex County, Ontario (summary information only)
(Page 0) District 7 A
George G. Everingham, age 55, born in U.S., occupation; fisherman .. NOTE: I believe this is George H., son of
James & Sally (Brooks) Everingham, who was a known fisherman in Ontario. First name & age fits.

Darah Everingham, age 22, English origin, occupation; lab

Page 157

1880 Census:

"this is an un-related family, as far as we know"
St. Joseph, Fabius Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan
Vol 24, Ed 192, Sheet 13, Line #42
John B. Everingham, age 36, born in Pennsylvania, Ann Everingham, wife, age 29 born in PA, William, son, age
5, born in MI. ­ William was also living with & enumerated with a Mr. John D. Tackaberry, his uncle.
1880 Census:
Cadillac City, Wexford County, Michigan
Vol 28, Ed 252, Sheet 35, Line #15
Lyman Everingham, age 33, born in Canada, Angeline, wife, age 31, born in Canada, Adolphus, son, age 10,
born in MI, Elisa, dau, age 5, born in MI.

NOTE: Lyman was a cousin of Ira Everingham and some of Ira's brothers
lived in Oscoda, Iosco County, MI, where Lyman also lived at one time..

1880 Census: "Grandparents of Leora (Morgan) Everingham"
Victor Township, Clinton County, Michigan
Page 517A
Joseph Morgan, 24, born in NY, Farm Laborer, father born in NY, mother born in NJ., Sarah, wife, 20, born in
MI, house keeper, parents both born in NY., Laura, daughter, age 1, born in MI.

Page 517A "Parents of Joseph Morgan above"
John Morgan, 65, born in NY, farmer, parents born in NY, Amy, wife, 59, born in New Jersey, house keeper,
mother born in NJ, Mortimer Ives, grandson, 16, born in MI, farmer, parents born in NY.
1881 Census: "This is our 4th Generation, Ira & Louisa"
Onondaga Township, Brant County, Ontario, Canada
Div. B2 #92: Page 21, House #95 (just over the river from the Tuscorora Indian reserve)
Ira Everingham, age 28 born in USA, farm hand, Louisa, wife, age 26 born in Ontario, Robert , son , age 4,
born in Ontario, Ernest (George), son, born Nov. in Ontario, age 5 mo., all E. Methodists.

1881 Census: "sister of Ira Everingham"
Tuscorora Township, Brant South, Ontario, Canada
District 159, Sub Dist E, Page #45, Family #279 (Tuscorora Twp was in Six Nations Indian Territory)
Notice all of the Davis family including *Sarah (Everingham) Davis give their ethnic origin as "Indian".

Richard Davis, 29, Indian, b.Ontario, Occupation; farmer, religion; Church of England, *Sarah Lucinda Davis,
24, Indian, born in Ontario. All the following children born in Ontario; R. Squire Lyman Davis, 5, Indian, Marg.
May Davis, 4, Indian, Jennie Ivey Davis, 2, Indian, E.G. Oswald Davis, age 9/12, Indian.
1881 Census:
Canborough Township, Monck, Ontario, Canada
District 144, Page #7, Household #36
Hiram Everingham, 56, born in USA, farmer, Charlotte, 45, born in Ontario, Hiram, 22, farmer, b. Ont., Celia C.
19, b. Ont., William, 20, labourer, b. Ont., John, 7, b. Ont. All listed as Ethnic; Irish except Charlotte listed as
Scottish, all C.M. religion.

Page 154

1881 Census: "son of James & Sally (Brooks) Everingham"
Orford Township, Bothwell, Ontario, Canada
District 178, Page #14, Household #67
George Everingham, 66, born in USA, farmer, Eliza, 56, born in Ontario, Joseph B., 30, farmer, Alexander, 28,
farmer, George, 25, farmer, Charles B., 11, James, 8. All children born in Ontario, all E. Methodist religion.

Page 15, household #71 (son of George, page 14 of this Census)
Wm. Everingham, 35, occ: fishing, religion; Church of England, all others listed as E. Methodist, Margaret J.,
Irish, 27, Wm. J., 9, George F., 7, Robert W., 4, Albert, 2, Eugene- born in January. All born in Ontario.
1881 Census: "son of Andrew & Susannah (Dell) Everingham"
Brooke Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada "brother of Jesse of Onaway"
Page 15, household #71
James Everingham, 31, labourer, Margaret, 23, Olive, 7, Harriet, 5, Jesse, 3. All born in Ontario, all listed as
ethnic; Irish except Margaret, listed as German. The Everinghams were actually of English origin.

1881 Census: "sons of James & Nancy (Matthews) Everingham"
Crowland Township, Welland County, Ontario, Canada
Page 46, household #243
Abner Everingham, 46, farmer, Eliza Ann, 37, Dutch Ethnic, Bedford, 18, Mary Ann, 16, James Byron, 14, Frank
Burton, 6, George Albert, 3, Abner Mathias, 1, all born in Ontario, all C. Methodist religion.

Page 37, household #203
William Everingham, 44, farmer, Margaret, 43, Wm. James 18, Ellen Victoria, 15, Maggie Jane, 13, Oscar Har-
vey, 11, James Everingham, age 76 (William's father). All born in Onatario, C. Methodist religion. This Wil-
liam's family is listed as Irish.

Page 26, household #140
William Everingham, 43, farmer, Mary Ann, 43, Elmon Ward, 16, Austin Jacob, 15, Minnie Jame, 12, Edward
Martin, 10, Roland Burwell, 7, Wm. Victor, 4, Alice Maria, 11/12, born May. All listed as English origin and all
born in Ontario. All C. Methodist religion.
1881 Census:
Thorold Township, Welland County, Ontario, Canada
Page 40, household #176
Solomon Moore, 76, farmer, Quaker, Ellen Moore, 50, C. Methodist, William Everingham, 16, Franklin Evering-
ham, 13, Richard Everingham, 10, Agusta Everingham, 19, (Everinghams all attending school), Ella Mitchell, 17,
servant. All Everinghams listed as C. Methodist religion & of Irish Ethnicity.

1881 Census: "Son of Hiram & Charlotte Everingham"
Cayuga North, Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada
Dist 146, Page 40, Household #176
James Everingham, 26, b.Ontario, farmer, Sarah, 23, b. Ontario, Annie, 3, b. Ontario, Janie 2/12, born in Ont.

Page 155

1894 State of Michigan Census: (Eliza is the widow of a Henry Everingham)
Kimball Township, St. Clair County, Michigan
Page 55, 56, Family #244, June 1894.
William Bassett, 58, born in Ontario, farmer, Margaret, wife, born in Ireland, housewife, Lewis, son, born in On-
tario, Farm laborer, Robert, 21, son, born in Ontario, farm laborer, Eliza Everingham, 25, daughter, widow, born
in Ontario, one child, Maude Everingham, 4, born in MI.
1900 Census:
Village of Turner, Turner Township, Arenac County, Michigan
(Page 2) June 1, Family #22
Joseph Clukey, born Mar 1850 Canada, age 50, married 21 years, immigrated 1860, Real Estate Dealer, Sarah,
wife, born July 1855 Canada, age 44, married 21 yrs, parents born in England, immigrated 1861, John Norris,
brother in law, born Oct 1872 Canada, age 27, single, laborer, parents born in Eng., Philip Norris, brother in law,
born June 1854, age 45, single, laborer, parents born in Eng.

(Sheet 3), Family #53 (notice all the dates seem to be off from known birth dates)
Ira Ervingham, born Feb 1852, age 48, married 22 years, immigrated 1885, laborer, Louisa, wife, born Nov
1853 Canada, age 46, married 22 years, mother of 8 children ­ 6 children living, Robert, son, born Dec 1878
Canada, age 21, laborer, George, son, born Sept 1880 Canada, age 19, laborer, Annie B., dau, born 1882 Canada,
age 17, Charley, son, born Oct 1885 Canada, age 14, at school, Edith, dau, born Sept 1887 Michigan, age 12, at
school, Alice, dau, born Apr 1889 Michigan, age 10, at school.

(Sheet 4), Family #68
Alexander Rickard, born Mar 1857 Canada, age 43, married 22 years, laborer, Sarah, wife, born Feb 1861 Can-
ada (Fa; born in Scotland, Mo; born in Canada), age 39, married 22 yrs, mother of 7 children /6 living, James, son,
born 1880 Canada, age 20, laborer, Maggie, dau, born Aug 1884 Dakota, age 15, at school, Mary B., dau, born Jan 1889 Dakota, age 11, at school, Hattie H., dau, born Nov 1891 MI, age 8, at school, Tina P., dau, born Nov 1894 MI, age 5, Effie J., dau, born Nov 1894 MI., age 5.

1900 Census: "Ira Everingham's cousin Jesse"
Inverness Township, Cheboygan County, Michigan
Vol 14, Ed 75, Sheet 14, Line #77
Jesse Everingham, age 36, born Nov 1865 in Canada, Barbara, wife, age 33, born May 1867 Canada, Elizabeth,
dau, age 9, born May 1891 in Canada, Ethel, dau, age 6, born Aug 1892 in MI.
NOTE: I believe that Ira Everingham knew his cousin Jesse well, and may have decided to move north to Ona-
way, Presque Isle County when Jesse lived there. Jesse later raised one of Ira's grand-children.

1900 Census:
Birmington Township, Shiawassee County, Michigan
(Sheet 1B) June 2, Family #20
Joseph Morgan, born Aug 1854 NY, age 45, married 24 years, (fa & mo; born in NY), Sarah, wife, born Dec
1860 MI, age 39, married 24 yrs, mother of 4 children / 3 children living (parents born in NY), Laura, dau, born
Sept 1878 MI, age 21, John S., son, born Oct. 1880? MI, age 19, farm labor, William, son, born 1882 MI, age 18,
farm labor, renters. "Joseph & Sarah are the grand parents of Leora (Morgan) Everingham."
1900 Census: "Leora (Morgan)Everingham's great grandfather Frank"
Owosso City, Shiawassee County, Michigan
(Sheet 2) June 2, Family #47

Page 158

Frank Beehler, born Feb 1831 Germany, age 69, married 36 yrs, immigrated 1850, 50 years in U.S., naturalized
citizen, owned his home., Dora, wife, born Feb 1835 Pennsylvania (parents born in Germany), married 36 yrs,
mother of 10 children / 9 children living, Chas., son, born May 1878 PA, age 22, machinist, Henry, son, born Mar
1881 PA, age 19, wood polisher, Carrie, dau, born Mar 1879 PA, age 21.
1900 Census:
Huron Township, Huron County, Michigan Vol 28, Ed 9, Sheet 1, Line #35
Esther Everingham, age 15, born 1884 in MI, enumerated with Henry Getty, her grand-father.

Vol.28, Ed 9, Sheet 1, Line #39
Hattie Everingham, age 41, born July 1858 in Canada, George Everingham, son, age 18, born October 1881 in
MI, Henry Everingham, son, age 14, born Dec 1885 MI, Bertha Everingham, dau, age 12, born May 1887 MI,
Frank Everingham, son, age 11, born May 1889 MI, Adelaide Everingham, dau, age 9, born Feb 1891 MI, Willie
Everingham, son, age 7, born June 1892 MI.
1900 Census:
Port Huron, St. Clair County, Michigan
Vol 69, Ed 105, Sheet 8, Line #92
Lydia M. Everingham, age 39, born Apr 1861 Canada, enumerated with William K. Brisette, her father.

Sheet 8, Line #93
Maude Everingham, age 10, born April 1890 MI, enumerated with William K. Brisette, her grandfather.
1900 Census:
Pinconning Township, Bay County, Michigan
Sheet 19,June 1900, Family #376, Line #14
Abraham Stoner, 41, born 1859, married 20 years, born in Canada, immigrated to US in 1882, teamster, Pru-
dence, wife, 39, born 1861, mother of 8 children, 6 children living, Abraham, son, 19, born 1880 in Canadian Eng-
land, worked in lumber camp, William D., 16, born 1883 in Michigan, mill labor, Horace, son, 12, born 1887 MI,
Austin, son, 8, born 1891 MI, Pearl, dau, 6, born 1893 MI, Leatha, dau, 2, born 1897 MI.
1900 Census: NOTE: improperly identified as Louis Everingham in some census readings
Gladstone, Delta County, Michigan
Vol.17 Ed 46, Sheet 24, Line #77
Lyman Everingham, age 52, born Dec 1848 in NY, married 32 yrs, Angeline, 52, born 1848, married 32 yrs,
Eliza, 25, b.1876, Bula, 17, b.1883, Lyman, 14, b.Jan 1886, Adolphus, 29, b.Apr 1871, Annie, dau-in-law,
b.1876, Adolphus, grandson, born Sept 1899, + 8 boarders living with them.
1900 Census:
Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
Sheet 2, Line #4
Eugene Everingham, age 20, born November, 1889 in Canada
1900 Census:
Port Austin, Huron County, Michigan
Herbert Wright, age 39, born 1861 NY, married at age 18, - Clara, 39, born 1861 PA, - Bert, 17, b.1883 PA, -
Minnie, 15, b.1885 PA, - Leo, 9, b.1891 in MI.
Note: Minnie later married Henry Everingham, son of Eugene, & nephew of Ira Everingham.

Page 159

Family #81
Swackhammer ______?, b. Oct 1858, married 20 yrs, Tilly, wife, b. July 1861, age 38, mother of 8 children,
Fanny?, b.1880 MI, age 20, Floyd b.1881/2?, age 18, Lora, born Oct 1883, age 16, Theady?, born June 1888, age
11, Jennie born Jan 1891 MI, Eddy, born Jan 1883, age 7, Nelly, born March 1885, age 5, May, born June 1899,
age 11/12ths. (this census was very hard to read - Jennie Swackhammer later married Frank S. Everingham)
1901 Census:
Onondaga Township, Brant South District, Ontario, Canada (Film T-6460)
(Page 3) Family #28
Mary A. Norris, head of household, born Jun 28, 1837 England, immigration year 1842
(This appears to be the sister of Louise Norris who married Ira Everingham)

(Page 3) Family #36
Annie Norris, head of household, born October 15 1854 in Ontario,.. John Norris, son,
born Jul 27 1888 in Ontario.
1910 Census:
Iron Mountain, Dickinson County, Michigan
(Page 172) Series T624, Roll 644
Doc Everingham, 42, born in IA, occ: Telegraph operator at a broker office., Alma, 36, born in IL, William, 14,
born in IL.
NOTE: this is Sherman "Doc" Everingham formerly of Iowa, a descendant of Jacob Everingham, son of James (our generation 1) & Catherine (Lemon) Everingham.
1910 Census:
Goodar Township, Ogemaw County, Michigan
(Page 1B) April 26th, Family #76
George Rhodes, 28, Rail Road worker, - Rachel, wife, 25 (widow of Robert J. Everingham), - Retta, step dau, 8 ­
Ethel, step dau, 6, - Robert, brother, 22 ­ Jay Viele, brother-in-law, 14.
1910 Census:
Detroit City, Wayne County, Michigan
Sheet 29A?, Line #38,
Richard Everingham, age 35, a lodger with several other auto workers, Richard was a machinist at an auto fac-
tory, He is noted as being born in NY & parents were English.

April 28th, 1910; living at 334 Porter St.
Edward Everingham age 35 married 4yrs born in Can. Came to USA 1902, . occ. Ironworker- Buildings
Ethel, wife, age 26, 1 ch. 1 ch living. b. England, Mabel dau. age 3 born in MI, Ben. bro-in-law,(actually brother)
age 23 born in Can, came to USA in 1902. occupation. Ironworker- buildings

Sheet 10A, Line #25, April 21, 1910
William J. Everingham, 28, born in Canada-Eng., worked for a trucking co., - Alice, wife, 32, born in Can-Eng, -
Mary, dau, 10, born in Canada-Eng, - Herbert, son, 2, born in MI.

Sheet number not legible, Line #67, April 16th, 1910
Arthur Everham, 31, born in California, parents born in CA, occupation; Civil Engineer/Rail Road, - Jane, wife,
26, born in Canada-Eng, - Arthur, son, 1, born in MI, - Jennie M. Church, 36, servant, born in MI.

Page 160

Sheet 5, April 19th, Series T624, Roll 683, Page 220 (8th ward)
William H. Everingham, 65, married 39 years, born in Canadian England, immigrated in 1907, Margaret J.,
wife, 56, married 39 yrs, mother of 6 children, 6 living, Edward, son, age 30, single, Gene, son, age 28, single,
Ella I., daughter, age 18, single.
1910 Census:
Flint, Genessee County, Michigan
(Page 27A) living with many others "possibly boarding house" or hotel.
Henry Everingham, age 24, single, born in MI, parents born in MI., works in an auto factory.
NOTE; this is the son of Eugene & Minnie Everingham.
1910 Census:
Port Huron, St. Clair County, Michigan
(Page 4B) household 514,, Family #93, Michigan Street,
Lydia Everingham, age 45/43?, born in Canada, immigrated to US in 1885, occupation; Cook., Charlie Haus,
son-in-law, 19, born MI, Maud Haus, dau, 19, born MI, Charlie Haus, grandson, age 1/12, born MI.
1910 Census:

Ira's brother Henry. "Uncle Henry".
Village of Oscoda, Iosco County, Michigan
(Sheet 3B) household 70,, Family #71,
Henry Irvingham, age 49, born in New York, occupation; Lumber mill, Parents born in Can Eng., Anna, wife
age 45, mother of 1 child, 1 living, married 19 years, Percy R., son, age 17.
1910 Census: (these are the sons of Eugene Delorne Everingham, Ira's brother)
Bad Axe, Huron County, Michigan
(Page 5A) April 30th 1910, Family #98
George Everingham, age 29, born in MI, bank clerk, Elise, wife, age 24, married 2 years, mother of 1 child,
born in S. Dakota, Mildred E., age 1 & 1/12, born in MI.

(Page 5A) April 30th 1910, Family #99
William Everingham, age 19, born in MI, single, one of 8 boarders living with the Joseph Collins family on
East Sand Beach Avenue.
1910 Census: (Ira's cousins)
City of Gladstone, Delta County, Michigan
April 18th 1910, Family #46, 10th Street
Adolphus Everingham, 33, born in MI, father born in NY, Engineer Hoisting Engine, Annie, wife, 35, married
13 yrs, mother of 3 children, 3 living, Adolphus, son, age 10, born in MI, Laura, dau, 6, born in MI, Lyman Earl,
son, age 4, born in MI.
1910 Census:
Onaway City, Presque Isle County, Michigan (Roll 671 Library of MI)
(Page 1A) April 15th, Family #3
George Ervingham, age 29, born in Canadian England, immigrated to U.S. in 1885, Saw Mill laborer, owned
his home, Maggie, wife, age 25, born in N.Dakota, married 8 years, mother of 3 children­ all living, William,
son, age 7, born in Michigan, in school, Lyle, son, age 5, born in MI, Lula, dau, age 3, born in MI.

Page 161

(Page 1A) April 15th, Family #4
Charles Ervingham, age 25, born in Canadian England (Ontario), immigrated to U.S. in 1885, Saw Mill laborer,
owned his home, Clara, wife, age 26, born in Michigan, married 4 years, mother of 2, 1 child living, Daliford,
son, age 2, born in Michigan.

(Page 1A) April 15th, Family #5
Frank Graves, age 22, born in Michigan, Sawmill laborer, owned his home, married 10/12 yr., Maude, wife,
age 30, born in Michigan, (fa; born in IA, mo; born in MI), married 10/12 of a yr., Herman Evans, father in law,
widow, age 67, born in IA, parents born in NY, pensioner.

(Page 1A) April 15th, Family #6
Arthur Keller, age 23, born in Michigan, married 2 yrs, Sawmill laborer, owned his home,
Alice (Everingham) Keller, wife, age 20, born in MI, married 2 yrs, able to read & write.

(Page 2) Family #38
Ira Ervingham, age 54, born in New York, (parents born in USA), Sawmill laborer, owned his home, Louisa,
wife, age 53, born in Canadian England (Ontario), married 32 years, mother of 6 children ­ 5 children living,
mother and father born in England. Lived at South 6th Street, in Onaway City.

(Page 16A) April 30th, Family #335
George Graves, age 27, born in Michigan (fa; born in PA, mo; Can Eng.), grocer, mortgaging his home, Edith
(Everingham) Graves, wife, age 23, born in Michigan, (fa; born in NY, mo; born in MI), married 4 years, mother of
1, 1 child living, could read & write, Lloyd, son, age 1 6/12, born in MI. Family was living on Oak Street in Ona-

(Page 7A) April 21st, Family #152
Sheldon Graves, age 52, born in Canadian England, (father born in NY, mo born in Can Eng), Sawmill laborer,
immigrated to the U.S. in 1872., Catherine, wife, age 48, born in Can. Eng., (fa; Can Eng, mo; born in Vermont),
year of immigration 1876, married 28 years, mother of 10 children ­ 5 children living, Willard W., son, age 14,
born in Michigan, Helen "Ella", dau, age 12, born in MI. Family lived on North 1st. Street, Onaway.
These are the parents and siblings of Clara Graves who married Charles Everingham.
1910 Census: NOTE: this is probably Bertha Everingham,daughter of Eugene Delorne Everingham.
Owosso (5th Ward), Shiawassee County, Michigan
(Page 113A) Series T624, Roll 675
George Fuller, 26, married 2 years, born in MI, parents born in MI, makes springs at mattress factory, Bertha, 25,
married 2 yrs, mother of 1, 1 child living, born in MI, Leonard, 1 6/12, born in MI.
1920 Census:
Onaway City, Allis Township, Presque Isle County, Michigan (Library of MI Census Rolls)
City of Onaway ­ All Wards & Allis Townhip.
(Page 3B) January 9th,
Joseph Grandmason, age 34?, born in Canada, laborer, Ethel (Everingham) M., wife, age 26, born in MI, Hugh A.,
son , age 3?, born in MI, Beulah E., dau, age 1 7/12, born in Michigan.
NOTE; Ethel was the daughter of Jesse & Barbara Everingham of Onaway & Ocqueoc, Presque Isle County, MI.

(Page 4A) January 20th, Family #79
Charley Bowles, age 37, born in England, farmer, immigrated to U.S. in 1915., Jennie, wife, born in MI, Loyd,
son, age 10, born in MI, Hilda, dau, age 3 3/12, born in MI
NOTE: Hilda Bowles -Wrigglesworth, was a contributor to information in this book & is a cousin of Leora Morgan-Everingham.

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1920 continued...

(Page 6A) January 10th, Family #113
James Rickard, age 34, born in Canada, Shoemaker, Jennie, wife, age 34, born in Canada, Effie, dau, age 10
born in Canada, Sarah J., dau, age 4 2/12, born in Michigan.

(Page 8A) January 12th, Family #159
Jesse Everingham, age 50, born in MI?, laborer, Barbara, age 45, born in OH. Lived on College St. in Onaway.

(Page 8A Allis Township) February 4, Family #147
Charley Ervingham, age 35, born in Canada, farmer, Clara, wife, age 36, born in MI, Daliford, son, age 11,
born in MI, Clifford, age 2 6/12, born in MI.

(Page 8A Allis Township) Feb 4, Family #152
William Stoner, age 36, born in MI, Laborer in woods, Belle (Everingham) Stoner, wife, age 36, Keith, son, age
12, Kenneth, son, age 12.

(Page 9A) January 12th, Family #170
George Comfort, age 27, born in NY, sawmill laborer, Emma, wife, age 26, born in MI, Shirley, dau, age 1 9/12,
born in Michigan.

(Page 10B) January 12-13th, Family #184
Emma Marriott, head of household, age 36, has several borders living with her, including; Barbara Siddle, border,
age 17?, born in MI, laborer in the Rim Plant, Onaway, MI.

(Ward 1 & 3) Family #206
George Ervingham, age 39, born in Canada, laborer at the Rim Plant, immigrated to the U.S in 1885, Margurite
A., wife, age 35, born in N.Dakota, William G, son, age 17, born in MI, Lyle, son, age 15, born in MI, Lulu, dau,
age 13, born in MI, Percy, son, age 6, born in Michigan.

January 14th, (North Allis Township) Family #36
Lancelot Comfort, age 36, "rest is very hard to read" , Marry, wife, age 46, Earle, son, age 20, Eliza, dau, age 16.
1920 Census:
Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
Sheet 5A
Frank Everingham, age 24, born in MI, work in a factory, Jennie, wife, Marion, daughter, Nellie Swackham-
mer, sister-in-law, age 24.
1920 Census:
Dwight Township, Huron County, Michigan
Sheet 2A
William Everingham, 27, born in MI, father born in CAN, mother born in MI, occ; Cashier in Bank, Florence,
wife, age 24, born in MI, Elizabeth, daughter, age 2.

NOTE: two below are daughters of Eugene Delorne Everingham.
Huron Township, Huron County, Michigan
(Page 127A & 127B) Series T625, Roll 127
George Fuller, 36, born in MI, general farmer, Bertha, 32, born in MI, Minnie, 7, born in MI, Alvin, 5, born in
MI, William, 10/12, born in MI.

Family #21 (Page 126AB) Series T625, Roll 770
Earl Doyle, 31, born in MI, parents born in CANADA, occupation: U.S. Coast Guard, Adelaide, 28, born in MI,
parents born in MI, Oren, 7, born in MI, Virginia, 6, born in MI, Arlene, 4 6/12, born in MI, Esther, 6/12 b. MI.

Page 163

1920 Census:
Saint Louis, Gratiot County, Michigan
George Neigh, 34, born in OH, parents born in OH, carpenter/truck factory, Verta, wife, 24, born in MI, parents
born in MI., Bertrude, daughter, 4 11/12, born in MI, Theal E., daughter, 2 4/12, born in MI., John R. Neigh,
brother, 28, born in IN, Janitor at a Bank.
NOTE: Theal later married Clifford Everingham, Bertrude married Floyd Morgan.
1920 Census:
Flint City, Genesee County, Michigan
(Page 3B) January, Family #52
George Rhodes, 38, Trucking Co., - Rachel, wife, 34 (widow of Robert J. Everingham), - Loretta Everingham, dau,
18 ­ Ethel Everingham, dau, age 16, Gwendolyn Rhodes, dau, 7.

(other family in Flint) - This Henry is the son of Eugene, and nephew of Ira Everingham.
Henry James Everingham, 35, born 1885 MI, assembly in Auto Factory, - A. Minnie, 35, born 1885 PA, lived at
511 Genesee Street, Flint, MI ­ no children.

1920 Census:
Tower Village, Forest Township, Cheboygan County, Michigan
(Page 2A) January 10th, Family #41
Joseph Bernia, age 40, Mary, wife, age 35. Children; Elizabeth 14, Louisa 12, Benjamin 11, Alna? 9, Rosella 7,
Wilford 5, Lorine 3, Larence 6/12.
Rose Bernia appears in photo w/Morgans,Tuckers & Wregglesworths in section about Tower,MI.

(Page 5A) Family #79
Norman Tucker, age 33, born in MI, farmer, Bertha, wife, age 30, Children; Norman Jr 8, Nora 8, Fern 7, Clayton
5, Raymond 5, Velma? 2, Percey 5/12.

NOTE: Nora & Fern Tucker appear in a photo in the section about Tower, MI & were friends of Leora Morgan-Everingham.

(Page 5A) January 23, Family #83
William Morgan, age 37, born in MI, (father born in NY, mo; born in MI), laborer in a factory, Gertrude, wife,
age 35, born in MI, (father born in WI, mo; born in PA), Floyd, son, age 10, born in MI, Laura, dau, age 8 born in
MI, Hellen, dau, age 4, born in MI, Joseph, son, age 2, born in MI.

Note: Laura, listed above, is "Leora Morgan" who married Raymond Dale Everingham in 1928.

(Page 5A) January 23, Family #84
Joseph Morgan, age 65, born in New York, factory laborer, (father born in NY mother born in PA), Sarah, wife,
age 59, born in Michigan, (father & mother born in NY). Note: Joseph & Sarah are William Morgan's parents.

1930 Census:
Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
Precinct #30, Page 9B, April 4, 1930, family#16 (living at 1513 Waverly Avenue)
Edward A. Everingham, head of household, renter, age 51, born in CAN, immigrated 1907, Eugene E., brother,
age 50, born in CAN, immigrated 1900, driver at auto factory, Ella I. Wickham (wickham crossed out), sister, age
38, widowed, immigrated 1907, William H. Everingham, father, age 85, born in CAN, immigrated 1907, Margaret
J., mother, age 76, born in CAN, immigrated 1907.

Page 164

1930 Census:
Mt. Morris Township, Genesee County, Michigan
Sheet 13A, Line #45, Dixie Highway, NOTE: this Lyle was a grandson of Ira Everingham.
Lyle K. Everingham, age 25, born in MI, auto factory worker, - Tena, wife, age 23, born in MI, - Lyle A., son,
age 3, born in MI, - Robert G., son, age 2, born in MI, - Donna R., dau, age 1, born in MI.

City of Flint, Genesee County, Michigan
Sheet 9B, Line #80,
Henry "Harry" Everingham, age 44, laborer in Auto Factory, Minnie, 44 - hard to read rest, no children,
"this is a nephew of Ira Everingham."
April 1930 Census: (Allis Township, just south of the town of Onaway)
Allis Township, Presque Isle County, Michigan
Sheet 4A, Line #19, family #119,
Keith M. Stoner, age 23, married at age 19, born in MI, parents born in MI, laborer in the Forest Reserve., Eva I.,
wife, age 21, married at age 17, born in MI, parents born in MI.

Sheet 4A, Line #40, family #123,
Charles Everingham, age 45, married at age 21, born in Canada-Eng., father born in NY, mother born in Canada,
immigrated in 1886, Dairy & Stock farmer, - Clara Everingham, wife, age 46, married at age 22, born in MI, father
& mother born in Canada-Eng., - Clifford Everingham, son, age 12, born in MI.

Sheet 4A, Line #43, family #124
Daleford Everingham, age 22, married at age 20, born in MI, father born in Canada-Eng, mother born in MI,
farmer on 40 acres, ­ Leora Everingham, wife, age 18, married at age 16, born in MI, parents born in MI, - Inez M.
Everingham, dau, age 1, born in MI.

Sheet 13A, Line #41, family #105
George E. Everingham, age 49, married at age 21, born in Canada-Eng, father born in NY, mother born in Can-
ada, immigrated in 1886, general farmer, - Margaret A., wife, 45, married at age 17, born in South Dakota, parents
born in Canada-Eng., - Percy C., son, age 16, born in MI, student at Onaway High School, - Lois H., dau, age 8,
born in MI. (This Lois is actually not the daughter of George & Maggie, but their grand daughter. The daughter of George's son William, who had a daughter--Lois born in 1922, name and date of birth fit.)

1930 Onaway City, Presque Isle County, Michigan ------------------------
Sheet 12B, Line #61, family #293,
Joseph J. Grandmason, 43, born in Canada, immigrated in 1892, - Ethel M, wife, 36, born in MI ­ Hugh A, son,
13, - Emily B., dau, 11, - Elizabeth B., dau, 7, - Geraldine M, dau, 5, - Jessie A, dau, 3 10/12, - Barbara M. dau,
9/12, - Jesse O. Everingham, father-in-law, age 64, immigrated in 1890.

Sheet 4B, Line #56, Family #86 (Spruce Street, Onaway City)
Kenneth A. Stoner, age 22, married at age 19, born in MI, laborer ­ State Reserve, Neva E., wife, 20, married at
age 18, bon in MI, Elmer R., son, age 2 & 3/12, born in MI, Barbara B., dau, age 9/12, born in MI.

We have only begun to find the pertinent Census data from the 1920's and 1930's.
If you find related Census data, please contact me, I would love to learn more!

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