Genealogy TOOLS

  1. SOUNDEX Calculator. What is your Soundex Code?

  2. Find out the actual "Day of the Week"
    that you were born

  3. Make your own site like this one!
    or fill out your family info for use on this site!

  4. What years were Leap Years? Date Checker.

  5. Convert ROMAN Numerals from Books & Bibles.

  6. FREE Printable Research Forms updated

How long has it been?
Figure out how long in years and days between Today and any Other Date.
Day, Month, Year

Family Chat Room

Contact family to meet here and chat live, no need for permission or special sign on codes, just enter your name and start chatting with friends, family or learn from family researchers!

Simple Family CHAT offline, sorry

contact a friend or family
member and try it out today.

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