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Read about the oldest known EVERINGHAMS in America!

example picture only, actual layout unknown If you're interested in Ancient Family History, you'll love reading about Laxton Castle and the EVERINGHAM families who lived there from the time of King William the Conqueror. A once grand manor where King Edward chartered fairs and markets.

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About the EVERINGHAM Millions

Everingham Geographical Origins:

    1st in America? Ever wonder who the first EVERINGHAM was to come to America?... Read about Jeremiah Everingham born about 1670.
    Why are many Everingham Ancestors from Canada?: Read about James Everingham Revolutionary War British Loyalist.
    Matthew Everingham of Australia. 1784 Court records & Matthew's actual writing of the exploration of Australia in 1795.
    Any Royalty in the family?...follow the line of
    Robert Everingham born between 1196 and 1205! in England.
    & see the family link to King Henry III, King of England.
    American Indian Heritage Violet Burnham (Iroquois),
    Neoma Phillips (Leni Lenape) "w/photo"

See MEDALS, Awards, & Honor's of Everingham's

Read about Captain George B. Everingham
"Union Army Officer" His life in his own words.
Interesting insight on the Civil War era.



Famous Everingham's (or somewhat famous):

The Everingham House, lithograph from early 1900's Union Ave.
Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Eaton, proprietors

web site by Kevin Everingham

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