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  • Sept 11, 1780 Captain Crowell's 1st Battalion (James Everingem & Henry Dill)

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  • Jan 26, 1829 3rd Regiment Lincoln Militia (Dells, Everinghams)

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    (Everingham's who have served in Major Wars)
    "by Company / Regiments"

    NOTE: Some of these Regiments are linked to websites below. If they are not, can search the net for these records. At some time, all of these records were listed somewhere on the internet.

    Enlisted:CompanyRegiment, Area of the Military

    Revolutionary War:

    James Everingham (b.1760)-Joseph Barton's Jersey Volunteers
    William Everingham (b.1750's)-2nd NJ Regiment
    William Everingham (b.1750's)-4th NJ Regiment

    Civil War:

    Barsnett Dell EveringhamI38th Iowa Vol.
    Barsnett Dell EveringhamF34th Iowa Vol. Inftry
    Chas EveringhamC122nd Regiment NY Volunteers
    John EveringhamC122nd Regiment NY volunteers
    John Everingham-1st NY Independent Battery
    Jeremiah EveringhamH2nd NY Cavalry
    Charles EveringhamH15th NY Cavalry
    James EveringhamI149th NY Infantry
    George B. EveringhamF62nd Vol. Infantry Ill
    Joseph H. EveringhamF108th Infantry Ill
    William EveringhamE & W136th Infantry Corporal & Sergeant

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