(Everingham's who have served in Major Wars)

Ancient Battles:

Siege of Berwick (Mar-Jul 1333) (1333)

Lord Adam de Everingham.

Battle of Halidon Hill (19 Jul 1333) (1333)

Lord Adam de Everingham.

Antwerp (1338-39) (1338-1339)

Lord Adam de Everingham (b.~1307). Noted as "with the King at Antwerp".

Battle of Sluys (24 Jun 1340) (1340)

Lord Adam de Everingham.

Siege of Tournay (Jul-Sept 1340) (1340 & 1342)

Lord Adam de Everingham. All information above (unless otherwise noted) about the battles of 2nd Baron Adam Everingham from his deposition taken at Laxton, 17 Jan 1386/7.
Lord Adam was taken prisoner in France before 14 May 1342 and was ransomed for 200 marks in gold. which we know from Patent Roll, 16 Edw. III, p.2, m.32

Invasion of France (Oct 1359) (1359-1360)

Lord Adam de Everingham. Noted as "accompanied the King's invasion of France 1359" & being with the King before Paris in April of 1360.

Battle of Agincourt (October) (1415)
Agincourt was the major battle won by King Henry's English when outnumbered by the French as they marched into France. Agincourt was a brilliant flash of English glory but they later were driven out of France.
Listed on the Honor Roll, in this battle, were:

____? Ellingham
Thomas Erpyngham
John Everingham
Thomas Everingham
John Evingham outcome of these men unknown.

This battle made King Henry a legend, who died in 1422 and a few years later, France produced their own war hero, Joan of Arc.

Battle of Castillon (17 July) (1453)

Thomas Evringham died in battle as he planted his flag atop a parapet, under French fire. (LINK)

Battle of Northampton, England (1460)

John Beaumont (1409-1460) grandson of Sir John Beaumont (Admiral of the North Sea) & Lady Katherine Everingham (Baroness Beaumont).

Battle of Towton, Yorkshire, England
(Palm Sunday, 1461) "Lancastrians"
More than 80,000 men took part. The exact numbers of those who died on the field of battle, or in the marshy fields of the beck, are not known; but there has been no greater slaughter in any battle fought on British soil.

Gent John Beaumont (~1428-1461) another grandson of Sir John Beaumont & Lady Katherine Everingham.

Gent Henry Beaumont, killed in battle.

Richard Everyingham, Esq. of Towton. died in battle.

John Everyingham, Esq. killed in battle.

Sir Thomas Everyingham, attainted.

Maritime Battle FRENCH vs. ENGLISH (~1484)
Battle near Castle Scarborough

Sir Thomas Everingham Ships Captain of King Richard III. (x)
Thomas Everingham & John Nesfeld's ships vs. French Fleet.

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