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2008 Prototype of My Band

YES! the fans love it!
After 5 years of playtesting and countless revisions, I was unable to find a game publisher who thought that battling bands would be a good seller. I will continue to look for possible publishing in the future... For now, this version of My Band the board game is available for FREE here!

Which of your friends can
build the ultimate Band?...

Battle your friends & family to see who can put together the most compatible band members, managers, promoters, agents and more. It's always been a dream to organize that band... so let's do it!

Use your band's influence to build your popularity or use it to effect your opponents.

Spend a night building your perfect band!

Game contents; 1 Game Board, 40 Band member cards, 40 Event cards, 20 Business cards, 4 Band Contracts, 1 Popularity Bid Card, 1 Starting player token, 16 page Rules book (all included) You also need about 150 influence chips and 4 game pawns. (not included)

From this web site, You may download the files necessary to print out and construct your own copy of this board game for FREE!
Game development ideas and comments can be directed to;
MY BAND By Kevin Everingham

To play, download the files below and/or individual extra files and follow the instructions to put your game together. You will also need 4 pawns and about 150 small chips or coins to track your band's influence. DOWNLOAD:

  • 3 main card decks file size: 1.84MB PDF
  • other cards & token file size: 97.6kb PDF
  • the game board file size: 423kb PDF
  • Game assembly instructions (RTF text file)
  • The full game Manual (PDF file) 546kb
  • optional quick start rules (PDF file) 228kb

    Band Cards

    Business Cards
    NOTE: to download these files, right click on them,
    and choose (Save Target as) to save each file to your hard drive.

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  • This game may be freely copied and printed but may not be altered in any way.
    No part of this game may be sold or included in any commercial CD or web site.
    A FREE Print & Play Board Game by K. Everingham, ©2008, all rights reserved.


  • Thanks to "ms.Kaden" for the first review of the game on boardgamegeek.com

  • Thanks to the "Print and Play" Podcast (episode 047) for reviewing MY BAND on Sunday, June 22, 2008.

    Comments from the PodCast;

    "I saw it, fell in love with the idea, and made it up that same day..."

    "The contract board is a very interesting game mechanic ...very good"

    "There is a lot of player interaction in this game so you're going to have a lot of fun as you're setting around the table..."

    "What we've got here is a good game idea and it's well implemented"

    Game upgrade kit
    no longer availble
    email us for info!

    The 2003 Prototype has since changed a lot!
    The 2003 Prototype (above) has changed a lot with playtesting!