Known as Alice ERVINGHAM
& Elsie or Alice IRVINGHAM
b.8 April 1889 Huron City, Huron, MI
or born 17 Apr 1888 Turner, Arenac, MI?
d.4 Oct 1976 Russell Memorial Hosp, Onaway, Presque Isle County, MI4 (cemetery)
Arthur KELLER known as "Shorty"
married 22 Jun 19077, later divorced Aug 29, 1934. (born abt 1884)7

Lorn K. MANNING2 b.29 May 1886
married Sept-25-1934


Ira EVERINGHAM (b.abt 1849)

Louisa NORRIS (b.about 1849)

children of Alice and Art KELLER:
  1. Hugh Albert EVERINGHAM
    (b.17 Nov 1903) d.15 Mar 1917
    see notes on Hugh's birth & death below1
  2. Irene KELLER premature b.27 May 19088
  3. Ione Lola KELLER (b.25 May 1910)5
  4. Emery KELLER premature, d.6 Nov 1914
  5. Ila Fay KELLER d.30 Mar 1917 (9days)
  1. Robert J. (1879-1907)
  2. Ernest G. (b.1880)
  3. Belle (b.1882)
  4. Charles (b.1884)
  5. Edith (b.1886)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
most of the known information on this family comes from the research records of Kevin Everingham and Barb Curtindale of MI.

*Leora, widow of R. Dale Everingham (charles' son) and her daughter "Ruth" say they thought "aunt" Alice never had any children. (Verbal Reference July 1999)

1son -- Hugh died in Onaway, MI - Presque Isle Co. Deaths, #237, 15 Mar 1917 aged 13 years, 4 months, 28 days. died of Typhoid Fever. Father Arthur Keller, Mother Alice Irvingham. Hugh was raised by Jesse and Barbara Everingham, distant cousins who lived in the same area. (Onaway, & later Ocqueoc, Presque Isle County) Alice was 15 years old when Hugh was born. It wasn't until 1909 when American's perfected a typhoid vaccine for it's military and that wasn't released to the public until 1914. The first serious treatment beyond general antibiotics for typhoid wasn't developed in America until 1948.

2Marriage Notes: Sept-25-1934 This was the 2nd marriage for Alice and for Lorn. she was 46 and Widowed, and he was 48 and a merchant. Pastor: Elder Ernest M. Burt.
Witnesses: Roy Badger(o?) (Have found no Roy Badger, but Roy Badgero was a family friend) and Mrs. E.N. Burt

In Feb 2000, Percy & Mildred Everingham said that they remember Lorn's first wife "Maggie", who died in her bed in a fire. Percy also said that he did not remember his "aunt" Alice ever having any children. All of the family interviewed have echoed this same statement. This birth may have been covered up by the elders in the family at that time.
(see death info #1 above) It gives the impression that Hugh was born out of wedlock, since he had his mother's last name, and was raised by other people.

4Certificate of Death #1937 File C-38: Alice Manning b.17 April 1888 Presque Isle County, died October 4, 1976 Russell Memorial Hosp. Onaway. Father "Ira Everingham", Mother: "Louise Norris", Informant: Azile Graves. Cause of death: Heart Disease and Terminal Pneumonia (several days). Burial: North Allis Cemetery, Onaway, MI.
NOTE: Place of birth shows Presque Isle which would indicate Onaway, MI, however all other records including her younger sister as being born in Turner, Arenac County.

5Presque Isle County Births 1841-1914 page 185 #35 May 25, 1910 Ione? Lola Keller female, white, born in Onaway, father: Arthur Keller, laborer, Mother: Alice Everingham. Recorded Aug 7, 1911.

61910 Onaway Census, Alice & Arthur were shown as married 2 years (about 1908) and no living children.

7#1006674 Arenac County, Michigan Civil Marriage Records Vol.1-2 (1907#45)
License June 22, 1907 Arthur Keller, 23, of (Estey, Gladwin), born Detroit, MI, a laborer, Father: John Keller, Mother: unknown, not previously married. Alice Everingham, 18, of Turner, born?, no occupation, Father: Ira Everingham, Mother: (blank), not previously married. Married June 22, 1907 at Standish, Michigan by D.H. Campbell P. Witnesses: Louise (Turkish?), of Turner, and Alma Keller of Bentley.

8LDS film # 1006675 Arenac County, MI: Keller, Irene d: May 27, 1908 age:1/2 hour, female, cause: premature, pod/pob: Turner Township, parents: Arthur Keller and Alvine Evingham (probably Alice misspelled) - Info sent from Doris Demet 2001.

9Death records found by Barb Curtindale: Emery Keller d.6 Nov 1914, age 1 day. Father Art Keller, Mother; Elsie Irvingham, cause of death; premature.
Ila Fay Keller d.30 Mar 1917, 9 days old, cause of death; inanition (dry lungs). Father; Arthur Keller, Mother; Alice Irvingham.

1889 Michigan Birth Registration; C01683-2, film# 981985... Alice Everingham, b.8 April 1889 at Huron City, Huron County, MI, father: Ira Everingham, Mother: Louise Norris.

1930 CENSUS Flint, Genesee, MI (Sheet 16B, home #408).. Arthur Kellar, 42, b.MI,.. Alice Kellar 40, wife, b.MI,..

1934 Michigan Divorce Records 1897 - 1952 for Arthur Keller; Presque Isle Co., MI State office number 71 69 (record found by Barb Curtindale, 2015) Divorce record Alice Keller & Arthur Keller married in Arenac County June 22 1907 date of filing petition-May 25, 1934 Divorce granted ... WIFE was case ... contested NO ... Date of judgment August 29th 1934 ... cause of divorce: several acts of extreme and repeated cruelty and no support and habitual drunkenness ... Granted Absolute ... No alimony ... signed Eugene D. Vincent January 18th 1935 Circuit Ct. Presque Isle County, MI.

1940 CENSUS Onaway, Allis Twp., Presque Isle County, MI (Sheet 15A, family #302)... Lorne Manning 53, b.MI, value of house $2,000,.. Alice Manning 51, b.MI, wife.

see additional info on this family in the book: The Everingham Family of MI, (c)2006

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