Catherine LEMON b. 1776
d. at Lyons Creek, Canada
2 April 1793 at Niagara, Ontario 1

______ McClellan?

Jacob LEMON (b.1743) U.E.L.
Mary MARR (b.1747) Pennsylvania
  1. Charity (b.3 Feb 1794)
  2. Jacob (b.22 Feb 1795)
  1. Jacob Jr. (b.1787
  2. William
  3. Wilson
  4. Rebecca (b.1791)
  5. Jane (b.1794)
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1Info from Ontario Historical Society,
(Papers & Records) Vol 3 Pg.7 Published Toronto 1901
1810 Land Grant
From King George III
to Catherine in
Upper Canada

Catherine's Grandfather was:
Lawrence MARR (b.~1720 Huntingdon, NJ)
d.1781 Northampton Co. PA

Catherine Lemon's birth & death info from Bernadine Arnold of CA, 1999.

July 13, 1796, Catharine Everingham, widow of James Everingham petitioned that her late husband who had died in 1796 was settled on 200 acres of land but had never received a certificate, and noted she had two small children by him. She was granted the certificate (see link above) for lots 13 and 14, concession 6 in the township of Willoughby, Ontario, Canada.
By order of council, Nov 9, 1789 it was decided that sons of loyalists as they arrived at full age, and also daughters of that age, or on their marriage, were to be assigned 200 acres more or less, provided they complied with regulations.
Info from a "copy" of a letter from Walter Thornton Everingham of Los Angeles CA, dated 27 Apr 1932.

Did Catherine re-marry a McCLELLAN?
Research of Kimball G. Everingham, updated Feb 2016
In error, some have thought Adoram Dell who married Catherine Lemon/Everingham's daughter Charity, may have also married a Catherine McClellan, as his 3rd wife. Adoram married Charity Everingham c.1815, as his 1st wife. She died between 1838, when the youngest of their 10 known children was born, and c.1845, when Adoram married Hester (Crawford) Taylor, who survived him. When Catherine McClellan conveyed some property to Adoram Dell by deed of gift in 1826, Adoram had been married to Charity for about 11 years, and would continue to be married to her for at least another 11 years. The belief that Catherine and Adoram married arises from misinterpreting this deed of gift as part of a marriage arrangement. Normally, using a deed of gift as part of a marriage arrangement wouldn't make much sense, but for Catherine and Adoram in 1826, it was also chronologically impossible. But why else would Catherine McClellan give property to Adoram Dell? A record of the Union Army service of Martin, youngest son of Adoram and Charity (Everingham) Dell, names his mother as "Charity McLellan". It seems this is more than some weird clerical error. Charity (Everingham) Dell was the daughter of James Everingham and his 2nd wife Catherine (Lemon) Everingham. Following the death of James in 1796, nothing has been known of his widow's life. As she probably wasn't older than her mid 20s, it's very likely she remarried. By 1826, she was probably in her early 50s. She would have had a very good reason to convey property by deed of gift to Adoram Dell, her son-in-law. If Catherine married a McClellan, her two children would have grown up in a McClellan household.

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