Martin DELL b.16 Jan 1786 New Jersey1,2
d.29 Aug 1868 Chippewa, Welland Co, Ontario
Burial; Dell's Cemetery, Welland Co.1,2
Rebecca LEMON (b.13 Feb 1791)1,2
d.24 Jul 1866 Chippewa, Welland, Ontario1
Burial; Dell's Cem, Welland Co.1,2
Basnett DELL
children: " DELL "
  1. Catherine (b.1811)
  2. Mary Ann (b.1813)
  3. Basnett (b.3 Aug 1816)
  4. Jane (b.1817)
  5. Jacob Lemon (b.1822)1 (b.1820)2
  6. Martin (b.1822)2
  7. Elizabeth (b.1823)
  8. John (b.1825)
  9. Thomas D. (b.1826)
  10. Lewis F. (b.1829)
  11. Hester Ann (b.1838)1 (b.1831)2
siblings: " DELL "
  1. Henry (b.1784)
  2. Peter William (b.1791)
  3. Margaret Peggy (b.~1794)
  4. Edward (b.1795)
  5. Adoram (b.1796)
  6. Chloe (b.1800)
  7. Barnabas (b.1805)
  8. James (b.1806)
  9. Bassnett (b.1807)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Information on this page from the Rootsweb database containing the research of Kimball Everingham.

2Genealogy records of Linda (Dell) Donaldson, sent; Sept. 2002.

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