Susannah DELL b.1822 d.1879 1
d.20 Aug 1879 in McDougall Twsp Parry Sound District Certificate # 9421/793
Andrew E. EVERINGHAM (b.1808)
widowing Susannah in 1871...she married;
Nathan Riley SLY 18 Nov 1872
at Perry Sound.2 died McDougall Twsp.
29 Jan 1892, cert.#11257/923

Jonathan DELL
Elizabeth POTTS

    Child of Susannah Dell prior to marriage;
  1. Catherine SKINNER2

    EVERINGHAM Children:

  2. James Henry (b.1850)
  3. Elizabeth Jane (b.26 Oct 1851 d.1858)
  4. Alfred Osborn (b.1853 twin)
  5. Albert Oscar (b.1853 twin)
  6. Maria Matilda (b.1857 d.1863)
  7. Jonathan Francis (b.1858)
  8. Sarah "Melissa" (b.1859)
  9. Abram Oliver (b.1861)
  10. Chloe Ann (b.1863)
  11. Jesse Owen (b.1865)
siblings: DELL
  1. Margaret
  2. John
  3. Enoch
  4. David B.
  5. Jesse D.
  6. Catherine
  7. Joanna
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Info from records of Esther Summers sent by Cheryl (dell) Kountourgiannis
Susannah's Grandfather was "Burris Dell".
2Info from records of Barb Curtindale sent in 2000.
3Death Certificate information from Roger Harris August 2000.

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