b.~ 1311-1317
born at Laxton, Nottinghamshire, England
d.29 Oct 1371
Margaret DeiVille
children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Adam (b.1307/08)
  2. ? William (b.1311 Westborough, Lincoln)
  3. ? John (b.1314)
  4. Robert (b.~1309)
  5. Alexander (b.1313-1321?)
  6. Joan
  7. Nicholas (b.~1315)

Everingham Coat of Arms fact sources and writings about this individual:

settlement dated 1336/7:
Adam de Everyngham, the elder, to settle his manor of Laxton on himself for life, with successive remainders to Adam de Everyngham the younger and the heirs male of his body, to Robert, brother of the said Adam the younger and the heirs male of his body,to Edmund, brother of the said Robert and the heirs male of his body, to Alexander, brother of the said Edmund and the heirs male of his body, to Nicholas, brother of the said Alexander and the heirs male of his body, and to the right heirs of the grantor, who retains the manors of North Leverton and Everingham (York). 11 EDWARD III.
[National Archives C 143/240/8; also CP IV:188]

will of Sir John Everingham of Birkin, dated 14 Oct 1523, states the following:

     ' 29 Oct. 1371.  Comm. to John de Monceaux, Nic. de 
       Everingham, & Thos. de Carethorp to give adm. to 
       the effects of Sir Edmund de Everingham knt., who 
       died intestate.

a fine of Edward III states that Robert, Edmund, Alexander and Nicholas de Everingham were sons of Sir Adam de Everingham by his 2nd wife Margaret

DEATH NOTE: it's possible that some of the family & children of this individual died during the BLACK DEATH PLAGUE. Oct 1347-1350

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