(b.~1333 Barmston, Yorkshire)
married before 29 Nov 1353

NOTE: no proof that this is the right Adam de Everingham, she may be the daughter of another Adam.

children: MONCEAUX

  1. John ( 1426)
  2. Alexander
  3. Robert

  1. Adam (b.1307/08)
  2. ? William (b.1311 Westborough, Lincoln)
  3. ? John (b.1314)
  4. Robert (b.~1309)
  5. Edmund (b.1311-1317?)
  6. Alexander (b.1313-1321?)
  7. Nicholas (b.~1315)

Everingham Coat of Arms fact sources and writings about this individual:

John Mounceux has acknowledged the manor to be the right of Robert, and has granted for himself and his heirs that the manor - which Joan held for life of the inheritance of John Mounceux on the day the agreement was made, and which after the decease of Joan ought to revert to John Mounceux and his heirs - after the decease of Joan shall remain to Robert and John de Alnewyk' and the heirs of Robert, to hold of the chief lords for ever. Robert and John de Alnewyk' have given him 100 marks of silver. This agreement was made in the presence of Joan, and she did fealty to Robert and John de Alnewyk' in the same court.
One week from St Martin, 9 Richard [II] [18 November 1385]. And afterwards one week from St Michael, 10 Richard [II] [6 October 1386].

Sir John de Mounceux de Bernyston to his son and heir John de Mounceux and wife Jean (daughter of Sir Adam de Everyngham) and heirs of their bodies.
Description Message, dovecote, 8 1/2ac. bovates with forelands; places of land called le Conynger, le Newenges, 2 Calcroftes, Thornholmhill, Twentyfote near le Erledykes, and Strotcunthill; a windmill and all donor's fishery in Lescet. 3 messuages and 10ac. and rent of 18d. from a messuage held by Robert son of Emma, Robert son of Margaret and William Sutheron, in Ulram. 4 messuages and 12ac. in Beford. 3 messuages and 2 bovates in Hilderthorp. Messuage and 2 bovates in Ryghton. 5 messuages, 1 bovate and the third part of the tolls of the sea in Alburn: Rendering a rose yearly. With reversion to donor. Witn. Sir William de Playtz, Sir Roger Bygod, Sir John Meaux, John de Wandesford, Richard Spynes, William de Hasthorp, Walter de Bucton, John de Lutton, Martin de Skyren. Given at Neuton near Wyntringham, Friday on eve of St. Andrew apostle. 1353.
Document Ref DDWB/20/10

The will of Joan (de Everingham) de Monceaux, widow of John de Monceaux, provides sufficient evidence to show that she was the mother of John Monceaux, Esq., of Barmston (d. bef 16 Aug 1426) and his younger brothers. The will of "Johanna Mounceux, quondam uxor Johannis Mounceux Domini de Berneston " was dated 1420, and named as her executors her younger sons Alexander Monceaux and Robert Monceaux ( "filium meum" in the will) [5]. The will shows her sons bearing the names not previously noted in the Monceaux family (Alexander and Robert): they were logically the namesakes of their Everingham uncles.

DEATH NOTE: it's possible that some of the family & children of this individual died during the BLACK DEATH PLAGUE. Oct 1347-1350

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