AKA "EVERNHAM" occ: Wheelwright
b.abt 1801 NJ
lifelong resident of Monroe, Middlesex, NJ
Mary ____ (b.~1806 NJ)
possible parent:
Henry Evernham (b.~1764?)
children: EVERNHAM
  1. James (b.~1831 NJ)
  2. Margaret (b.~1833 NJ)
siblings: EVERNHAM
    not proven, possible siblings;

    Clayton (b.~1811)
    Elison (b.~1817)

fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham, 2009
1840 CENSUS Monroe, Middlesex, NJ (page #136) .... Wm. Everham ... nothing else listed this is an index listing only.

1850 CENSUS Monroe Twp. Middlesex, NJ (home #193)--- Elison Evernham 33, b.NJ,.. Sarah Mariah Evernham 26, b.NJ. living next door to Elison (home #192) was; William Evernham 49, wheelright, b.NJ,... Mary Evernham 44, b.NJ,... James Evernham 19, b.NJ,... Margaret Evernham 17, b.NJ

1870 CENSUS Monroe Twp., Middlesex, NJ (home #260) 2 homes away from Ellison Evernham's family Wm. Evernham 69, b.NJ, wheelwright, value of real estate 1000, value of personal property 500, cannot read, can not write,... Mary Evernham 65, b.NJ,can not read, can not write,... James B. Clayton 13, attended school current year, cannot read, cannot write.

1880 CENSUS Monroe Twp, Middlesex, NJ (pg 425B, #1059) ... William Evernham 77, b.NJ, parents b.NJ, widowed, occ: Wheelwright,... William Drew 48, b.NJ, married, laborer, "no relation given",... Anna Drew 52, b.NJ

Book Note ... I believe this is the same William Everingham mentioned in the book:
"Fare to Midlands" by Henry Charlton Beck 1939. The book mentions; George, William & Ellison Everingham and several Dey's. ... The book says; "George Everingham, whos father and grandfather were smiths & wheelwrights before him at the crossroads at Red Tavern (Applegarth)..." and also says: --- "William & Ellison Everingham owned wheelwright shops. I believe it's probable that this William (this page) mentioned is an unknown son of Henry Evernham (b.~1764).

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