Emerson EVERINGHAM b.12 Apr 1868 1,2
d.15 Jun 1881 1,2
died young:
It is important to note that Robert & Emerson died 8 days apart, both young... which often (in those days) indicated an epidemic "fever" or disease of some sort that often killed one or more family members & devistated communities.
Hiram EVERINGHAM (b.1826)
Charlotte LYMBURNER (b.1835)
children: EVERINGHAM


    died age 13 1,2

  1. James Sinclair (b.1855)
  2. Sarah Margaret (b.1855)
  3. Hiram Jr. (b.1859)
  4. William Elliot (b.1861)
  5. Celia Catherine (b.1862)
  6. Robert (b.1865)
  7. John Matthew Kirk (b.1873)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
1Information from Brenda Young
2Briggs Cemetery, Canborough Twp., Haldmand Co. Ontario

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