AKA "Lizzie"
b.17 Nov 1873 Lawler, Chickasaw County, Iowa
d.18 Jan 1898 Sandfordville, Whiteside Co. IL
Bert Sylvester DAVIS
m.14 "Sept 1893 Sterling, Whiteside
(b.28 Sept 1873 Jordon Twp. Whiteside)
d.4 Sept 1931 Freeport, IL
James EVERINGHAM (b.1845)
Margaret ALLISON
children: DAVIS
  1. Mabelle Jean (b.1893)
  2. Elmer (b.1894)
  1. Jennie WRIGHT (b.1865)
  2. William Joseph "Will" (b.1872)
  3. Minnie (b.1879)
  4. Sarah Ellen (b.1881)
  5. Edna PARROTT (b.1886)
  6. Raymond N. PARROTT (b.1889)
Elizabeth Everingham circa 1890 fact sources and writings about this individual:
info from Ann J Everingham 1999

2Info updated Nov 2003 by Grant & Marge Hayes.
3Bert DAVIS married a 2nd time to Jesse Belle MATTHEWS in 1906.
4Info from Karen Scholl, Polo, IL 22 Feb 1999 via Grant & Marge Hayes.

Photo - Elizabeth Everingham Davis taken about 1890 in Sterling, Illinois from a photo sent to her sister Sadie Everingham Bricker in Kellogg, MN. Photo copied & sent to the web site from Grant & Marge Hayes 2003.

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