Minnie EVERINGHAM b.Oct 1879 Chickasaw, IA1
d.Oct 1887 Greenfield Township, Wabasha County, MN
N/A, died young
James EVERINGHAM (b.1845)
Margaret ALLISON
family story:
Family story says Minnie drowned in the Zumbro River, which ran near their cabin, located about 1 mile from the village of Kellogg, MN. The cabin was sited on a hillside above the river. Apparently Minnie was in the water and the stong current held her hard against a submerged tree branch, under the water. The children couldn't get her free and, by the time they ran home to tell the parents, it was too late, she had died.
  1. Jennie WRIGHT (b.1865)
  2. William Joseph (b.1872)
  3. Elizabeth (b.1873)
  4. Sarah Ellen (b.1881)
  5. Edna PARROTT (b.1886)
  6. Raymond N. PARROTT (b.1889)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
original info from Ann J Everingham 1999

1 1880 Chickasaw Iowa Census
2 updated info from Grant & Marge Hayes Nov 2003; gathered information from; Edna Parrott, Greenfield cem assoc., from family records of Grant & Marge Hayes, submitted to Everingham Archives November 3, 2003.

3Minnie's step father Horace Parrott bought lot in the Greenfield township cemetery and buried Minnie there on Oct 14, 1887. There does not seem to have been a gravestone. (notes from Grant & Marge Hayes 17 Oct 2003.

4When Minnie died, she was living with her mother, Margaret, her stepfather, Horace Parrott, her sister Sarah Ellen, and her new half sister Edna Parrott. Minnie's father, James Everingham was living in Missouri, alone. Minnie's two older siblings Will & Lizzie were living elsewhere with relatives. Margaret and Horace moved to Kellogg MN, in mid 1886, from Chickasaw Co. Iowa. Horace rented a small house and farm there.

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