Levi HALE b.abt 1790
Not found yet,
possibly "David Hale"?
children: HALE
  1. Levi (b.abt 1814)

    others currently unknown

siblings: HALE
fact sources and writings about this individual:

11820 Census Rutland twsp, Jefferson County, NY "Levi Hale"
2Levi Hale's information from the Genealogical Death Indexing System - Michigan, shows: Levi Hale (the second, b.~1814 according to Census data) died 24-Apr-1883 in Eaton County, age 71, married, occupation; farmer, Ledger page 196, Record number 129, cause of death; consumption, occupation; farmer, father's name; Levi Hale, father's residence: New York.

What leads me to Gaines, Orleans Co. NY?....The birth record of Daniel Levi Hale in 1841 says he was born in Orleans, NY.... I find no other Levi Hale's (b.1890) in New York the exact age except one living in Orleans Co.NY (circumstantial evidence, but very coincidental)
1829 The Orleans Advocate & Anti-Masonic Telegraph Newspaper, Wednesday, Jan 21, 1829
lists LEVI HALE as having mail waiting as of January 1, 1829 at the Gaines, Orleans County, New York Post Office.
3CENSUS data:
1850 Gaines, Orleans, NY, Levi Hale, 60 b.VT, farmer, Anner 59, b.NY,.., Emily 25, Lorane 16, Colwell 11.
1855 Orleans County, NY, Levi Hale, 65, b.VT, farmer, Anner, 57, wife b.Cayuga, NY,.. Emily 34, dau, b. Orleans, teacher,.. Loraine 20 dau, b.Orleans, teacher,... Colwell 13, son b.Orleans.
Vermont birth record 7450115 Levi Hale b. 18 Feb 1790 at Windsor Twp., Windsor, Vermont, father: David Hale, mother: Olive the only problem with this fitting as our Levi Hale,..is the information found that this Levi listed in the Census data above, married Anner Durkee Feb 11, 1817. Their children were all from Gaines, Orleans, NY but our Levi b.abt 1814 was at least 3 years too old to fit this family.... unless he was a child of a previous marriage.

likely unrelated info:
1825 Land Patent obtained from the US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management shows..., Levi Hale of Delaware County, New York, purchase at the land office at Monroe, Michigan. Legal Description: The North west 1/4 and West 1/2 of the North-East 1/4 of Section 4 of Township 4 South in Range 5 East in the southern District of Michigan Territory, Containing two hundred and forty seven acres and one hundredth of an acre. (247.01acres) One interesting thing about this land is the description as "Michigan Territory" meaning wild land before Michigan was a "State", which occurred Jan. 26., 1837, thus making Levi Hale an early Michigan pre-State era Pioneer. This original land document was signed by the 6th President of the United States "John Quincy Adams".

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