Wheelright, Machinist
b.Feb 1876 Onondaga County, NY
survived Typhoid Fever in 1892
still single in 1910
children: EVERINGHAM


  1. Lillie (b.1874)
  2. Bert (b.Mar 1885)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

--- research of Kevin Everingham, 2006-2012: ---
1892 STATE CENSUS DeWitt, Onondaga, NY ED1a ... Mary Everingham 40. b.IRE,.. Harvey Everingham 18, laborer,.. Bertie Everingham 6.

1892 Fayetteville Weekly Recorder (social news)... "Harvey Everingham, one of the bicycle shop boys, who has been ill with typhoid fever for several weeks, is rapidly recovering." - It wasn't until 1909 when American's perfected a typhoid vaccine for it's military and that wasn't released to the public until 1914. The first serious treatment beyond general antibiotics for typhoid wasn't developed in America until 1948.

1900 CENSUS DeWitt Twp (southern), Onondaga, NY Dist12, EnDist#44 Sheet 10B
Mary Evaringham, head, b.Aug 1845, widowed, mother of 3, 3 living b.NY parents born in Ireland,.. Harvey, son b.Feb 1876, single, b.NY occ: Wheelwright,... Berttir (sp?) ?possibly Berttie?, son, b.Mar 1885, age 15 b.NY, at school.

1905 CITY CENSUS DeWitt, Onondaga NY June 1, EnDist 1, page 5
Mary Evringham, head, 64, born Ireland, 60 years in the United States,.. Harvey, son, 28 b.US, Automobile Worker,... Bert(hard to read), son 17, b.US, Machinist.

1910 CENSUS DeWitt, Onondaga, NY Family #117, Page 5
Bert Everingham, 23, b.NY, married, Inez, 22 b.NY, wife, parents born in NY.. Robert, 1, son b.NY,... Harvey 32, single.

1929 Syracuse Journal, Wed, May 22, 1929,.. "... he piloted his car into the concrete base of the electric signal at the Teall Ave. crossing of New York Central tracks early this morning. Harvey Everingham, 155 E. Onondaga street, was cut about the face and scalp and suffered possible internal injuries. He was so dazed by the crash that he wandered aimlessly away from the scene before Detective Byrnes, Swain and Cook arrived to investigate. According to the story told to the police, Everingham had been blinded by the lights of an approaching car. The car was so badly damaged that that police received calls reporting that several persons had been killed."

1930 CENSUS Syracuse, Onondaga, NY (Sheet 19B, fam#173) Ella Duke 62, b.IL,.. Leona Duke, 34, b.OHaa, dau,.. Harvey Everingham 53, b.NY, lodger,.. Ernest W. Pickens 52, b.MA.

updated research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2014;
1940 CENSUS Syracuse, Syracuse, Onondaga, NY (Sheet 10A, family #243) ... "Harvey Ervingham 62, single, b.New York, machinist/ Press machine mfg., highests grade completed in school = 8."

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