occ: Grocery Store operator, Business man.
b.~1866-1867 NY
d.16 Dec 1932 Fayetteville, NY
Fayetteville Cemetery
Nettie ELTING (b.~1862)
(d.1 Oct 1902) of blood poisoning

Alice DUKE (b.~1877 NY d.1931)
d/o Horace J. & Flora DUKE
m.20 April 1904 Fayetteville, NY

Jeremiah & Kate Evringham
of Manlius, Onondaga, NY
children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Grace (b.~1892)
  1. Minnie (b.~1870)
  2. Leonard (b~1871)
  3. Lovina (b.~1873)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham, 2013.

Alice's family; (also see 1880 & 1930 census and others below)
1870 CENSUS Fayetteville, Onondaga, NY (Page 26 family #212 June 30, 1870)... Jerome Duke 47, occ: printing office,.. Mary Duke 43,.. Horace 22 b.NY,.. Elisha Steadman 19, bootman,.. Alice Steadman 17.

1880 CENSUS Great Valley, Cattaraugus, New York (Page 227B) .. Horace Duke 32, b.NY,.. Flora Duke 27, b.NY, wife,.. Melta Duke 7, b.NY, dau,.. Howard Duke 5, b.NY, son,.. Alice Duke 3, b.NY, dau,.. Milton Duke 0, b.NY son.

1892 STATE CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY ... Millward Everingham 26, b.abt 1866, occ: Clerk,... Nettie Everingham 30,.. Grace Everingham 1. (census) is this the right family? ... looks perfect match except for "Nettie"?


1900 CENSUS Cataraugus, NY (Page 5B, family #119)... Horace Duke 52,.. Flora Duke 47, wife,.. Milton J. Duke 21, son,.. Metta Lougee 27, dau,.. Albert Lougee 8, grandson.
(below) is this the right family? ... looks perfect match except for "Nettie"?
1900 CENSUS Manlius, Fayetteville, Onondaga, NY (Sheet 5A, family #114, June 4, 1900)... Mill C. Everingham 33, b.Nov 1866 NY, occ: Merchant,.. Nettie Everingham 38, b.Dec 1861, wife, mother of 1 child, 1 living,.. Grace Everingham 8, b.Nov 1891 NY, dau.

1902 Death of Nettie. Syracuse Journal, Oct 2, 1902.

1904 Marriage Notice, Syracuse Journal, April 21, 1904.

1910 CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (Page 12, family #325).. Millward C. Everingham 43, b.NY,.. Alice M. Everingham 33, b.NY,.. Grace O. Everingham 18, b.NY, dau.
1910 CENUS Olean Ward, Cattaraugus, NY (Page 8, fam #185)... H.J. Duke 61,.. Flora Z Duke 56,.. Albert Duke 18,..Hazel Duke 11,.... Niel Laferty 40, b.PA.
1910 The Post-Standard, Syracuse, NY, May 25, 1910.. "Fayetteville Store Robbed... May 24, Burglars broke into the store of M.C. Evringham and secured between one and two dollars in change from the cash drawer. It is believed that they also took some shoes and shirts. Entrance was obtained by breaking a window in the rear and prying off iron bars with a plank."

1916 Store Advertisement Fayetteville, NY Newspaper.

1920 Horace Duke, age 73, widowed, lived with Morris (a grandson) & Hazel Weith at Cattaraugus, NY. (Horace is Alice's father)

1925 STATE CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, New York (Page 14, line 9)... Milward C. Everingham 58.

1930 Fayetteville Bulletin Newspaper, Thursday, February 13, 1930... about Mr. Everingham's grocery store.

1930 CENSUS Fayetteville, Onondaga, NY (Sheet 14B, family #380)... Millward Everingham 63, b.NY,.. Alice Everingham 53, b.NY, wife,.. Catherine Everingham 83, b.NY, mother, widowed, parents b.Ireland,.. Alice E. Steadman 76, b.NY, aunt,.. Horace J. Duke 82, b.NY, father-in-law.

1931-1932 Death of Nettie,.. Alice & Milward (Index of Deaths in Manlius, NY)

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