James Roy EVERINGHAMb.20 March 1937 MI
Sandra _____
Kenneth Lyle EVERINGHAM (b.1904)
Christina EVERINGHAM (b.1905)
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Kelly
    married GARNER
  1. Lyle Jr.
  2. Robert George (b.10 Apr 1928)
  3. Donna Rae
  4. Jacqueline (b.3 Sep 1931)
  5. Joan (b.2 Oct 1934)
  6. Linda Lee (b.1 Feb 1946)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

email from James, March 22, 2002;
I'm James Everingham and I live in Charlotte, NC with my wife Sandra, daughter Kelly Garner and her son Noah. Joan Schill, my sister, also lives in Charlotte. We moved here five years ago from Dallas, Texas.

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