Robert George EVERINGHAM
occ: Vice President, Kroger Inc.
b.10 Apr 1928, Onaway Michigan2
Marie (abt 1948/9?)
Kenneth Lyle EVERINGHAM (b.1904)
Christina EVERINGHAM (b.1905)
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Thomas Allen
  2. Michael P.
  3. Shari
  4. Joy
  5. Michele
  6. Karen
  7. Jill
  1. Lyle Jr.
  2. Donna Rae
  3. Jacqueline (b.3 Sep 1931)
  4. JoAnn "Jean?" (b.2 Oct 1934)
  5. James Roy (b.20 Mar 1937)
  6. Linda Lee (b.1 Feb 1946)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

2Information from Robert Everingham himself, from Texas, April 2001.
Robert writes: "I was named after my grandfather George and his brother Robert. I lived in Onaway through my high school years and then moved to Adrian Michigan were I went to work for Kroger Co. and was transferred to Texas in 1968 from Pittsburgh PA. I have lived in the Houston area with my wife and 7 children for most of the time since then. Marie and I have been married for 52 years.
My father Kenneth, better known as Gus and your grandfather Dale did some fishing together and I remember Dale visiting. When I was staying on the farm with my grandparents we used to take an occasional Sunday drive to visit Charlie and Clara Everingham out highway 68 between Onaway and Atlanta. I remember Dale's store on the highway. "

1966 Book; Super Market Merchandising, Vol.31, 1966.. "books talks of vice presidency of Lyle J. Everingham at Kroger,... and Robert G. Everingham filling a post of merchandise manager of Pittsburgh division."

1971 CSA Super Markets, Vol.47, Lebhar-Friedman, 1971... (Page 36)"Robert G. Everingham, formerly vice president of the Peoria, Ill Division, succeeds Mr. LeRoy in Houston."

1983 Book; Retailing Basics by Danny N. Bellenger & Jac L. Goldstucker, Pbl. R.D. Irwin 1983, (401pgs) Business & Economics Textbook... "Robert G. Everingham, vice president in charge of the Houston market area for Kroger Company, indicates that the food chain considers atmospherics in their store planning. he says that decor is planned to accent the various products sold in defferent areas of the store..."

1984 Sheldon's Retail Directory of the U.S. and Canada, 1984... "Robert G. Everingham, vice President, Kroger Co, Cincinnati, OH stores in Texas & LA."

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