Corrections Manager, Instructor, Coach
b.18 Dec. 1967 in Carson City,
Montcalm County MI - USA
Karla Ann ZERBA b.26 Jan. 1969
b.Carson City, Montcalm County, MI
Married in Montcalm county, MI
on 20 June 1992 - divorced March 2016
Marvin N. EVERINGHAM (b.1944)
Claudette Ann PLATTE (b.1948)
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Keric Lee
    b.7 April 1994 - Greenville, MI
  2. Kaden Alexa
    b.14 March 1996 - Greenville, MI
  3. Kesen James
    b.4 Jan 2001 - Carson City, MI
  1. Laurie Ann EVERINGHAM
    b.21 Aug. 1969

    "Step-Brothers" Children of Father's
    Second wife from her previous marriage.

  2. Troy JENSEN
  3. Patrick JENSEN
"June 1992"
Karla & Kevin
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Kevin has been a community corrections "alternatives to jail" program coordinator since 1993, and has been working in the criminal justice field since 1991. He manages treatment programs and teaches cognitive behavioral classes at the Montcalm County jail. In 2003, He co-founded "FamilyWay Internet Service" with Terry King, which he ran until it was taken over by Clicksouth of Tennessee in 2008. He also coached basketball at Central Montcalm Middle School and High School 2008-2014 & has been doing genealogy research on the Everingham and related families since 1990 which led to the writing of the book "The Everingham Family of MI" (c)2006

Kevin attended Montcalm Community College, Sidney, MI

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