Myrtle Marie EVERINGHAM b.15 Jun 1918 Robinson, IL
Thomas Esmond SHOOK
married 7 Sep 1935 in Hutsonville by E.P. Nay
(b.12 Aug 1912 d.22 Nov 1992)
burial New Hutsonville Cemetery
Benjamin Frakes EVERINGHAM (b.1888)
Anna Gertrude MERRITT (b.1895)
children: SHOOK 2
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Edward Lee (b.22 Feb 1914)
  2. Lena Frances (b.5 Jun 1915)
  3. William Pearl (b.19 Dec 1920)
  4. Benjamin Frakes Jr. (b.25 Nov 1923)
  5. Harvey Dean (b.23 Nov 1927)
  6. Charles Arthur (b.7 Jul 1930)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

2Info from "Bill" William Joseph Everingham April 2000.

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