Benjamin Frakes EVERINGHAM
"Ben Everingham" Farmer3
b.28 Aug 1888 2,3
d.20 Mar 1952 at Allen Sanitarium, Robinson (obituary)
Pneumonia, cardiac failure, bronchial asthma
Anna Gertrude MERRITT 2
(b.28 Aug 1895 d.22 May 1982 cardiac failure) (obituary)
died at Crawford Co. Convelescent Cntr.
Nelson W. EVERINGHAM1 (b.1858)
children: EVERINGHAM 2
  1. Edward Lee (b.22 Feb 1914)
  2. Lena Frances (b.5 Jun 1915)
  3. Myrtle Marie (b.15 Jun 1918)
  4. William Pearl (b.19 Dec 1920)
  5. Benjamin Frakes Jr. (b.25 Nov 1923)
  6. Harvey Dean (b.23 Nov 1927)
  7. Charles Arthur (b.7 Jul 1930)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Lea M.
  2. Lee Roscoe killed 1899
  3. John A. (b.1885)
  4. Wilber Morton (b.~1887)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Benjamin and Anna are both buried at New Hutsonville Cemetery.

1Info from Wilber M. Everingham's death certificate.
2Info from "Bill" William Joseph Everingham April 2000.
Bill writes: "Frank E. BARBEE, my grandmother's second husband after (Ben) was born Jul 7 1891, and died Feb 5, 1958. He is buried at Hutsonville Cemetery. His tombstone reads: Illinois Cook CAC WWI."
3Information from the records of Estelle Black 2000/2001.

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