Wesley Gale MORGAN
b.7 Oct 1911 MI
d.18 Jan 1993 Saginaw, MI
(b.29 Dec 1919 / d.2 Jul 1992 Saginaw, MI)
d/o Fred BODARY & Emma Anna KUSE
Millie A. JONES
children: MORGAN
  1. Carol
  2. female
siblings: MORGAN
  1. Mertle I. (b.1907 d.1991)
  2. Lloyd E. (b.1909)
  3. James K. (b.~1917)
  4. Lucille M. (b.~1920)
  5. Hazel (b.~1922)
  6. Carl A. (b.1924 d.1972)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

photo right, Wesley Morgan visiting cousins in Tower, MI, 1920's. (from the family photos of Leora Morgan Everingham.)

Research of Kevin Everingham 1999-2014;

1930 CENSUS Bennington, Shiawassee, MI (Sheet 3B, family #63)... Millie Morgan 44, b.MI, widowed,.. James Morgan 18, b.MI, son,.. Westley Morgan 12, b.MI, son,.. Lucele Morgan 10, b.MI, dau,.. Hazel Morgan 8, b.MI, dau,.. Carl Morgan 5, b.MI, son,.. Emma Jones 76, b.MI, mother.
1930 US CENSUS Owosso, Shiawassee, MI (Sheet 5B house #133) Joyce's family "Fred Bodary 39, (all b.MI),.. Emma Bodary 36, wife,.. Marian Bodary 17, dau,.. Joyce Bodary, 10, dau,.. Louisa Bodary 6, dau,.. Henry Kuse 46, bro-in-law." 2 houses away..(a probable brother of fred) David Bodary 43, & Nellie 39 with a large family.

1940 US CENSUS Owosso, Shiawassee County, MI (Sheet 2A, family #38)... "Wesley Morgan, 28, b.MI,.. Joyce Morgan 20, b.MI, wife,.. Carol Morgan 1, b.MI, dau,.. infant Morgan, b.MI, dau."
more circumstantial evidence; according to the 1984 Residency records of Owosso, MI, Hattie Morgan, wife of James (Wesley's brother), claims to be relatives of Wesley & Joyce Morgan.

1992 SSDI "Joyce A. Morgan, b.29 Dec 1919 MI, died, 2 July 1992 at Saginaw, MI, age 73."
1993 SSDI "Wesley G. Morgan, b.7 Oct 1911, died 18 Jan 1993 last known residence; Saginaw, Saginaw, MI., age 82. "

1990s Residency Records show "Joyce Morgan (b.29 Dec 1919) lived in Saginaw, MI in 1990's... also lists possible relatives as Wesley Gale Morgan."

I have photos of my grandmother and her cousin Wesley Morgan taken in the 1920's.

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