Lucille MORGAN
b.abt 1920
Millie A. JONES
children: MORGAN
siblings: MORGAN
  1. Mertle I. (b.1907 d.1991)
  2. Lloyd E. (b.1909)
  3. Wesley G. (b.~1911)
  4. James K. (b.~1917)
  5. Hazel (b.~1922)
  6. Carl A. (b.1924 d.1972)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham 1999-2014;

1930 CENSUS Bennington, Shiawassee, MI (Sheet 3B, family #63)... Millie Morgan 44, b.MI, widowed,.. James Morgan 18, b.MI, son,.. Westley Morgan 12, b.MI, son,.. Lucele Morgan 10, b.MI, dau,.. Hazel Morgan 8, b.MI, dau,.. Carl Morgan 5, b.MI, son,.. Emma Jones 76, b.MI, mother.

? same Lucile ?
1940 CENSUS Saginaw, Saginaw, MI (Sheet 12A, family #252)... "Philip Hartman 49, b.MI, Julia Hartman 46, b.MI, wife,.. William Hartman 23, b.MI, son,.. Richard Hartman 11, b.MI, son,.. Lucile Morgan 20, b.MI, lodger, single, last residence; Shiawassee, MI. "

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