Marinella P. PLATTE
known as "Nellie"
b.20 Sep 1918 Westphalia, MI
Gerald T. HAECK
b.18 Jun 1906 d.18 Sep 1977 Lansing, MI
Louis PLATTE (b.1893)
Sophie TRIERWEILER (b.1892)
children: HAECK
  1. Lawrence J.
  2. William A. (b.3 Aug 1943)
  3. JeanAnn
  4. Kathleen
  5. Robert L.
  6. James H.
  7. Karen Sue
siblings: PLATTE
  1. Rita (b.1917)
  2. Doris (b.1920)
  3. Richard B. (b.1921)
  4. Kathleen (b.1923)
  5. Ruth
  6. Joanne
  7. Jean
  8. John
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