Margaret Swing EVERINGHAM
b.7 May 1870 2
Albert G. SHARP (b.1860)3 d.1935
married Sept 30, 18892
James F. EVERINGHAM b.~1840
Amanda BROWN (b.? d.1904)
children: SHARP2
  1. A Hershal (b.16 May 1890)
  2. Claude S. (b.14 Aug 1891)
  3. Mary Amanda (b.2 Apr 1894)
  4. Leona Mae (b.16 May 1910)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Emma Myrtle (b.9 Jan 1885)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Judy Mallchok (Oregon, USA)
2Family Bible of Leona Mae Sharp Jenkins
3Cedar Hill Cemetery.

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