James F. EVERINGHAM b.18 Jun 18404 Cumberland, NJ 2
Amanda BROWN (b.13 Nov 1844)
(died 16 Feb 1904)4
m.22 Feb 1866 Cumberland, NJ3
OR.. married August 6, 18664
Jeremiah W. EVERINGHAM b.~1814
Margaret SWING b.~1816
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Hannah B. (b.1867 d.1868)6,7
  2. Margaret Swing
  3. Emma Myrtle (b.9 Jan 1885)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Michael Swing (b.~1842)
  2. William H. (b.~1845)
  3. Thomas W. (b.~1847)
  4. George W. (b.~1847)
  5. Susannah (b.late 1849)
  6. Hannah D. (b.~1852)
  7. Albert B.P. (b.1854)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Judy Mallchok (Oregon, USA)
21850, Salem Co, NJ Census
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4Family Bible of Leona Mae Sharp Jenkins
5Cedar Hill Cemetery.
6"The First Five Generations of the Swing Family in America" By: Swing, Harry P. & Swing, Albert H. Publication: © 1961
7Bible of Brown/Everingham Family from; Mallchok, Judy...Hannah was born 12 Mar 1867 and died 13 Mar 1868.

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