b.between 1750-1760
lived in Georgia & possibly South Carolina
d.24 Oct 1841 Marion, GA
married :
Mary SHADWICK (b.~1780?) d.28 June 1841
m.26 Feb 1795 at Richmond, GA
unknown, possibly..
John EVERINGHAM (b.1730's?)
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Phoebe (b.~1798)
  2. Thomas (b.~1798-1802? SC)
  3. Lewis L. (b.1804)
  4. Charlotte
    possible son or nephew;
  5. John
siblings: EVERINGHAM

    possible sibling:

  1. John Everingham (b.~1756)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2011

1795 Richmond County GA Marriage Index (pg.57)... Thomas Evingham married February 26, 1795 at Richmond County, Georgia to Mary Shadwick.... Littleberry Bostick, Esq.

1820 CENSUS Richmond, Georgia (page 205)... Thos Everingham
1830 CENSUS Holts, Richmond, GA (page 291) ... Thomas Everingham, Sr.
These early Thomas Everingham's could have been this Thomas, or possibly the Thomas listed as a son on this page. Although, the index of the 1830 Census lists him as Thomas Sr.

The Thomas below in 1840 is either a young man with his parents living with him or 70-80 years old which would be the Thomas on this page.
1840 CENSUS Marion Co. GA #68, page 13 --- Thomas Everingham, 1 m(20-30), 1m(70-80), 2f(20-30), 1f(60-70), and 14 slaves (10 worked in agricluture)

1841 Christian Index, Friday, 19 NOV 1841, Obituary; "Died at his residence in Marion county, Ga., on Thursday, the 24th Oct., Thomas EVERINGHAM, in the 79th year of his age; he had lived for many years a pious member of the Baptist Church, and died the same."

1860 CENSUS Buenavista District, Marion County, GA (page 266 family #214)... Thomas & Martha Everingston & family NOTE: this is Thomas "Jr" listed on this page as son of this Thomas.... below is another Thomas (Thomas & Mary) living very close (possibly parents listed on this page):
1860 CENSUS Buenavista District, Marion County, GA (Page 264 fam#202) .. Thos Everingham,.. Mary Everingham... Phebe Everingham 64 (b.~1796 GA)... Rebecca Everingham 28 (b.~1832 GA) This Rebecca is much younger, possibly a grandchild?

Cook Family Cemetery Buena Vista, Marion County, Georgia,...Thomas Everingham, d.24 Oct 1841,.. Mary Shadwick Everingham d.28 June 1841,... Charlotte Everingham Monfort (headstone), Thomas Peter Monfort (headstone).

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